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    Bellicon ???

    I have used the inexpensive rebounders, urban rebounder, and finally a bellicon. The bellicon is amazing in comparison. The bounce is easy on the joints. I have the 44" pink one which gives me a lot more room for doing things like jumping jacks. My balance is better on the larger mat than...
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    Juicer Recommendations?

    If you want to make juice and not a smoothie I would pick the Samson 6 in 1 juicer. You can juice greens like wheat grass and it extracts more juice than many other juicers. I also have tried other juicers over the years. Over all the ones I have used including a Norwalk juicer, I prefer the...
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    **ONE DAY AT A TIME** Nov 14-20

    My symptoms increased a couple of weeks ago when I came down with a UTI, then a cold during the same period, and I had dental work done. My system couldn't handle everything. I have been drinking lots of cranberry juice, but it still feels like my system is fighting something. The weather can...
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    **ONE DAY AT A TIME** Nov 14-20

    I got in housecleaning, shopping, and a 28 minute T-Tapp workout. Then the MS symptoms increased to where I needed help standing. Sigh. It's like starting over again every time I get a setback. I keep plugging away at it. The workouts is gentle yet tough, so I figured it would be a good...
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    **ONE DAY AT A TIME** Nov 14-20

    Thank you for the welcome. I have been on my back today with female issues. It's not to pretty. My husband wants me to get parts removed. I am hoping menopause will come soon as I think surgery will make MS worse due to the stress of the surgery and the lack of exercise post surgery...
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    **ONE DAY AT A TIME** Nov 14-20

    Hello, today I am resting and sneaking in a bit of rebounding. Yesterday, my DH and I went on a nice morning walk. Then I did T-Tapp Step Away the Inches workout. Later a rebounding workout.
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    Anyone out there with chronic illness??

    Hi everyone I recently started trying to do cathe's beginner step workouts. Its been hard for me to work up to doing those. I haven't been consistent due to Multiple sclerosis. Since 2009, I have been trying really hard to rebuild my body after a major MS flare. It put me in the...
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    Any body not get there dvd's yet?

    I haven't received mine either. I live in Ca.
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    Yikes, Health Issues

    Hello, I noticed on earlier posts somewhere that there is a lady who has multiple sclerosis and is doing cathe workouts. If she is around, I would like to talk with her to get advice regarding working out. Thanks.
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    Weight Loss supplements ???

    Do any of you ladies take them and do the help you to lose the weight? What ones are you taking and why? The ads look tempting do any work or improve the strength and do we need protien powder? Thank you
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    Do You Think ???

    That I should start over doing the STS meso 1? I took the test but did not understand how to get the workout card which shows me how to increase the weights. So, I have been going by how my muscle like it can endure on that given day. I am a beginner so, this is all new stuff to me. It...
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    Balance Challenged LUNGES

    I guess I should also reveal that I am fairly new back to exercising and starting with STS. When I saw that it was like having a personal trainer I went for it. It is difficult, but doable with modifications in weights. I noticed already an improvement in strength. I am on meso 1 disk 7...
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    Balance Challenged LUNGES

    Thanks everyone. I use a walking stick to aid in balance. I have really good $100 nike and other brand shoes. My strength is considerably less in the left leg vs. the right leg which may account for some balance issues.
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    Balance Challenged LUNGES

    Any tips on how to improve my balance when doing lunges. I wobble and weave on unsteady legs as I attempt to do lunges, looking like a drunk exerciser in a soggy exercise bra. Is it normal or am I Lunge Impaired? I don't do them as deep as I am still working on developing strength and...
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    Help Please !!!

    I need help improving the strength in my legs. I am having a tough time making it through the leg dvd, but can do the arms just fine. Any suggestions as to how to best improve my strength. The Paper Plates don't slide well on the carpet. Is there anything that works better than that or...
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    Plates and my legs

    I was wondering if it was decided the best alternative to paper plates. They don't work on the carpet for me, plastic don't do much either. I am currently using scraps of wood laminate flooring as it does not stick. What is the best product to use ??? Please post a website for the...
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    Can a total beginner do this?

    I disagree. I am a beginner and I am doing STS. Haven't exercised in years. I am modifying where needed. I did 14 tricep dips instead of 16. I adjust the weights to suit my level. I am feeling stronger.
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    Fire Approaching. Please Pray !!!!

    Hi, several fires have joined and are getting close to my town. They are doing evacuations again. Please pray for our town and safety. About two weeks ago, 80 homes were lost up here. Thank you, Rosepetals:-(
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    Gotta Read This Ladies.

    He was a real pro. I believe now that his whole family may be involved with his scheming in order for him to do as well as he did. They backed him up 100 percent. They looked like the perfect parents. Mom fixed dinner, his dad encouraging him to be a man and get out there and work, bring in...
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    Gotta Read This Ladies.

    Oh, my birth certificate is missing along with my other credit card which I cancled. My social security card is missing. So I had to join life lock.