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    More HIIT Cardio!

    I am desperate for more amazing cardio (preferably HIIT)! Due to back/sacrum issues, I can't do things that force me to curve my lower back forward (e.g. burpees, leaning forward to touch ground). Due to knee issues, I can't do step. The only cardio workouts I can do are Tabatacize, Cardio...
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    Lift Move & Restore Equipment List?

    I see from the newsletter sent today that "balance discs" are required. Does each participant need more than one of the wobble discs?
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    question about new Total Body Barbell

    Does the new Total Body Barbell workout include options for those of us with dumbells but no barbell?
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    More Advanced Cardio (without step, weights, bending over)

    I own every single Cathe video that isn't exclusively step. I am desperate, however, for more cardio workouts. I want non-step workouts with no bending over where you have to flex the lower back--so squats, lunges, etc. are fine since you can keep your back flat but I've now properly thrown my...
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    Will Cathe make more videos with the Boss Bands/Loops?

    Okay, thanks. I just buy the DVDs so I'll wait patiently to see if future videos include them.
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    Will Cathe make more videos with the Boss Bands/Loops?

    Does anybody on Cathe's staff know the answer?
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    Question about Cathe's future use of 'boss bands,' lack of use of blue loop in Boss Bands.

    Yeah, to clarify--I never said or even implied that I thought exercise should "hurt" or make you feel "wiped out" or even make you "breathe hard."
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    Will Cathe make more videos with the Boss Bands/Loops?

    Hi, there. Just wondering whether the Boss Bands were a one-time thing or if she plans to make more videos with them.
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    More Perfect 30 Workouts

    I love the Perfect 30 videos, though unless they have a bonus, I do find them too short. So yes, more of them ... but always with a bonus to bump up to 40-45+ mins, please! I'd love another upper body weights workout and love the idea of a barre workout (for days when Turbo Barre is a bit...
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    Another X-Train Series

    I second this. X-Train is my hands-down favourite series. BEST weight training and who doesn't love Tabatacize?
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    Planks vs. Crunches

    Like the other commenter, I would recommend Stuart McGill (a fellow Canadian!). I've had multiple personal trainers and physiotherapists tell me (and other people I know) to never, ever do crunches. Planks, on the other hand, they're wild about. Crunches put tons of pressure on the spring...
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    Question about Cathe's future use of 'boss bands,' lack of use of blue loop in Boss Bands.

    I was a little disappointed that I bought the new bands/loops and then the blue loop was never used in the loop video. That, paired with the fact that I didn't find either video especially challenging (Glutes and Core will be okay for low energy days, I guess, but the Total Body one won't be of...
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    Hula Hoops

    Are hula hoops actually especially good for mid-section strengthening or is it more of a gimmick/trend?
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    Fave workout clothes?

    I'm happy to report that the Fiona (my favorite low-impact sports bra, hands down) is still made. Brooks bought Moving Comfort; just go to the Brooks Running website and you'll find Fiona. Also, I have a large chest for my size and I've tried EVERY kind of super-supportive sports bra. People...
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    Boss Bands Difficulty Level? Like/unlike other band workouts?

    Great! Would you mind directing me to said post? Thanks for the helpful response, btw. I adore Cathe and workout 'with' her every single day for a reason: her work is unparalleled. I was asking because it is an investment for me to get all the new stuff and I wanted to be sure it was a good...
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    Boss Bands Difficulty Level? Like/unlike other band workouts?

    Yeah, I do up my weights in the intermediate workouts.
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    Latex content of bands and loops

    How different are the fabric bands from plain old latex? Do they function much differently (not feel, but function)? I am wondering if I need to invest in the fabric ones or not since I have non-fabric latex bands/loops.
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    Boss Resistance Bands work your muscles in a very different way than free weights do

    Can you explain whether these new workouts will be significantly different than the other two band workouts (Travel Fit and Body Weight & Bands)? I am wondering what to expect in terms of challenge and thoroughness. Thanks!
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    Turbo Barre 2.0

    I would also love another Turbo Barre-esque workout. Ballet workouts, done properly (i.e. Cathe-style) always kill me (in a good way).