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    How many plunge lunges at start of S&S Boot Camp?

    You were right! It's 64 plunge lunges total.
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    Cathe Live on Roku Missing 1/18/18 Jabs & Kicks

    Yes, I noticed same thing. The 1/25 Live is there but not Jabs & Kicks (which I've been dying to do).
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    Cathe's "LIVE" wardrobe?

    Admins, Is it possible to include info on the outfits Cathe wears in her LIVE classes? (I know she may decide what to wear that day, so maybe the outfit info could be posted afterwards as a reply to the weekly thread announcing the week's LIVE class?) She always looks fantastic but some of...
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    Question about barbells and weights used

    Yes, thank you! I did a search but must not have used the right keywords. Thanks again!
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    Question about barbells and weights used

    AlanaE, I wondered that exact thing. I just got High Reps, and as always, I watch it once before I do the workout. It'd be helpful to see where to start. I even tried pausing the video to see if I could read the weight on the plates, but no luck.
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    Books, books and more books

    Oooh YES, Harlan Coben is amazing for suspense/thrillers. I also enjoy Janet Evanovich (both her Stephanie Plum and Wicked/Lizzy series are hilarious and really well-written). I like authors that are prolific because I'm a binge-reader and always, always need something new to read. For anyone...
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    Hair breakage

    Hi Barb, Agree with everyone that hormonal changes wreak havoc on hair. I had very thick and very straight hair - would not hold a curl, ever. Now, post-pregnancy and then menopause, I have fine hair that's so wavy it's almost curly. My natural brunette color is now blond with highlights, so...
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    Coming Soon – NEW Fit Tower™ Home Workout System.

    This is exciting!! and even more so since we know that future (ahem, more "Cathlete Advanced"!!) Fit Tower/Cathe workouts will follow over time. I also start planning the next vacation the day after I get home from a trip. I need something to look forward to :-D Does anyone know if the Fit...
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    Advanced level workouts for injured knee?

    Thanks, guys, for all the great suggestions. I used Workout Blender to make a compilation from Afterburn and CrossFire, with a bit of low impact hiit from RWH thrown in. Looking into TurboBarre too! Thanks again.
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    Advanced level workouts for injured knee?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping the collective knowledge of Cathletes can help me here. Cathe's workouts (RWH, HiIT 40-20, 30-30, XTrain Supercuts, Cardio leg blast and the like) are my absolute LOVES. Now, after a recent injury, an MRI shows my knee pain is due to extensive cartilage damage/loss...
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    Cathe Announcement

    From what Cathe's post said, sounds like a product (new Turbo Tower? Hmmmm....) but then again, "product" could also be a new video. Who am I kidding, either way, I am in! My wallet says ouch but the rest of me says "YES!" I have to say I'm loving the PHAT live workouts, so I'm hoping Cathe...
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    ICE Guide

    Where will the ICE Guide be posted? Here in the forums or elsewhere? (Sorry, I am fairly new here.) Thanks!!
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    On Demand/Live users - will ICE premixes and blasts be available?

    I am a very satisfied Cathe On Demand/Cathe Live subscriber, so I wasn't planning to buy the DVDs of the new ICE workouts. But will "Blizzard Blast" and other blasts or premixes be available to us via On Demand? I know that premixes from Ripped with HiIT are not. :-( Just hoping!
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    Roku linked but won't play on demand

    I have exactly the same problem. I moved a Roku2 from elsewhere in the house to my workout area and linked it successfully. I see the videos there but when I hit Play, it goes back to the cover and (obviously) does not play. My son has a Roku3 so I suppose I can swap the 2 with his 3. I...
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    Workout Blender stuck in "Importing your video..."

    I'm a new user of Workout Blender; installed it on Monday. I had already imported/uploaded my Cathe downloads (also yesterday) and created two custom workouts. But when I opened Workout Blender yesterday (and again today), I immediately got the "Importing your video" message and the warning...
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    Shoe recommended for new workouts

    Turquoise Eyes, yes, the CrossFit Nanos are pricey. Amazon's (roughly, depends on the color/size combo) $105 is the lowest I've seen. Reebok's site sells them for $120. The earlier versions of Nano are cheaper, but I have no idea what the difference in cushioning, fit, etc might be. I'm...
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    Athleta fitness clothing

    I love Athleta. Stylish, versatile. I'm wearing the SkinnyUp Pants today, with boots, at work - for the umpteenth time this snowy winter. Super comfortable and very well made. Their Bettona Classic pants have an incredibly flattering fit, and are great not only for working out, but for...
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    Yesterday's workout: snow shoveling & more snow shoveling. Calgon, take me away! Being fit...

    Yesterday's workout: snow shoveling & more snow shoveling. Calgon, take me away! Being fit helped make it easier - physically:-)
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    Shoe recommended for new workouts

    I was so glad to see this discussion in the are so important, esp to me and my poor aching feet. Agree that running shoes in general provide much needed cushioning for my Cathe workouts. Saucony Excursion TR6 (I think TR8 is the latest iteration) worked very well for me. I've...
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    Does anyone else have a fear of jumping on the step?

    OMG! Shannon, I totally get what you're saying! I am able to do it, but the whole time I'm sort of dreading it. Jumping sideways is more dread-inducing than jumping up when facing forward. I don't know why! it's a constant fear of tripping. I have found kind of a way around the fear...