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  1. squirrelly

    Weights once a week?

    Hi Shannon! It is nice to *see* you! :-) According to ACSM guidelines, a person only needs to lift once per week for maintenance. Just be sure to use challenging weights, and you shouldn't lose any strength. Yoga helps maintain strength as well because you utilize your body weight. It has...
  2. squirrelly

    Attention Butts and Guts DVD users

    Hi Cathe! I use this DVD often, but mainly for the “leg blast” premix. This premix continues to challenge me! I love that it requires minimal equipment and keeps my heart rate elevated. It also introduced me to firewalkers which helped strengthen my outer hip area and resolve some issues with...
  3. squirrelly

    Severe Chronic Constipation-Cant Go!

    I use an herbal tea called Smooth Move by Traditional Medicinals. It is made from senna leaf. If I have a cup before bed, relief usually comes the next morning. HTH!
  4. squirrelly

    Burst-Resistant Body Ball

    Hi, I just bought the 55cm ball and had the same problem. I discovered that the show horn thing is to take the plug out. If yours has the white plug in it, then you will need to remove it before any air will go in. It took my DH and me awhile to figure this out! The ball comes with an extra plug...
  5. squirrelly

    Very Sad Day

    (((((Michele))))) I am so sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a truly wonderful man and I know he was very fortunate to have you as his DIL. My prayers are with you and your family. Love ya!
  6. squirrelly

    Some days I really love my job

    You are awesome Robin! It is great that the parents took the time to properly thank the person that saved their child! You deserve it!
  7. squirrelly

    Cardio Coach Press Play Saturday Aug 30

    I am in! I may have to do it on Friday, but hopefully not. I can't wait.... Jacque--I am so sorry about your nephew. (((HUGS)))
  8. squirrelly

    Spin Class with Coach Sean

    Michele, Thank you for making me feel like less of a lunatic! He really is inspirational, isn't he? Robin, Thank you for the sentiment! Leanne, Oh, girl, I am living vicariously through you. You must go next week! This is just too much for my brain...
  9. squirrelly

    Spin Class with Coach Sean

    I am utterly speechless. You are my friend and I adore you and really want your life to be great and all of that, but, but , but, but this is just too much to ask! I am so jealous!!!!! That hunk of a man got me through *(&^(*& speech class, my grandfather's death, and every moment where my pity...
  10. squirrelly

    I have a date with Coach Sean!

    I am so jealous Leanne! Oh my word, that man is awesome. You are going to love him! Did I mention that I am jealous??????????????
  11. squirrelly

    Chilly Melters! Thursday

    Hey guys! Shannon--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am so glad to see that you are enjoying it! Your treats are making me drool... :-) BG--I am so sorry about your accident! Sending you loads o' healing vibes and (((((HUGS)))))! Leanne--I am sorry about your hair! Do you plan on seeing the movie...
  12. squirrelly

    It's a Terrific Tuesday MELTERS!

    Hey Melties! Holy crap, I don't know if I can keep up with all of you. I am lucky if I type 20wpm (pitiful, I know)! This morning I ran with Grace and will do S&H Chest & Back later. It is Dh's bday, so I have to figure out how to make a decent dinner with only a crockpot and a microwave. How...
  13. squirrelly

    Aug. RT Travelers check in here!

    Catherine, I was so glad to see that your plane had taken off and a tad envious!
  14. squirrelly

    Aug. RT Travelers check in here!

    I made it home! My flight was delayed several times and then cancelled. Fortunately, another plane was rerouted to go to Nashville and I got on that one. I was supposed to land at 5pm, but got in at 10 instead. Then, I hit a traffic jam on the interstate (4 lanes merging to 1). But I made it (at...
  15. squirrelly

    ^^Its a Marvelous MELTING Monday! ^^

    Hey guys! I am on my way to take Colin to the orthodontist, but wanted to say hi! Hi! Lainie--Thank you for the honest comments and compliment. I am not photogenic! Isn't it nice to be missed? Your boys sound adorable. My oven exploded with cornbread in it! One of the elements blew up and...
  16. squirrelly

    ^^Its a Marvelous MELTING Monday! ^^

    Good morning Melties! Oh man, yesterday was annoying. My plane was delayed repeatedly and never made it to Philly from NY. Finally, another plane that had landed was rerouted to Nashville and we were able to get on that one. Just as we were about to board, a huge thunderstorm came through and...
  17. squirrelly

    It's Hump Day MELTERS!

    Hey Peggie, that matrix punch slays me! I ALWAYS look at that round and think, huh, no weight needed, then I curse myself once I realize what that means! Take a look at this video of Anthony doing an advanced version...
  18. squirrelly

    It's Hump Day MELTERS!

    Wahoo! Peggie liked it! Isn't it hard? Oh man, I heart Anthony! I can't believe you only used a 25# KB. You are a beast! Good job! Breckie--Well, my lunch is a piece of fruit, handful of baby carrots, 1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese, 2 pieces of toasted low carb bread-one with Naturally more PB and...
  19. squirrelly

    It's Hump Day MELTERS!

    Leanne--I forgot to tell you...that is a genius plan about BIL moving out and a get-away, pure genius! I am so happy for you!
  20. squirrelly

    It's Hump Day MELTERS!

    Breckie--Thanks for the info. Gosh, I consume a wad of soy. Boo. Is M3 yummy? I have the SAME lunch I am such a rebel!