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  1. NancyAZ

    Question on workout manager notes

    I also was disappointed to discover this past week that you can only add one note. Like you, I only add the disc to the Calendar as I do it, not through entering an entire rotation at one time.
  2. NancyAZ

    WM not posting to Facebook

    Is there any progress with correcting this problem?
  3. NancyAZ

    STS Turbo Tower

    BD Valor Squat Stands are another great alternative. Do a search and you'll find a number of past and recent threads about them.
  4. NancyAZ

    Who's in?

    It will be great to meet all of you. You're going to have such fun!
  5. NancyAZ

    Eqiupment Questions (slide discs, step, etc)

    Harbor Freight carries a pack of furniture movers in a variety of sizes, including a set that is 4-5" square. These are the ones I used before I got the Cathe sliding discs. I don't do the "slide" workouts often, but frankly I like the furniture movers better than the discs on my tile floor.
  6. NancyAZ

    Who's in?

  7. NancyAZ

    Who's in?

    Yes, what a difference.
  8. NancyAZ

    Who's in?

    Me! This will be my first Daytona trip, too, but not my first destination trip. I think everyone, given the opportunity, should experience a Glassboro trip at least once, but the destination Road Trips are my favorites. Can't wait to see Jodi and Rhondalyn and everyone else!
  9. NancyAZ

    Daytona Road Trip

    You're going to have a great time. It's an experience like no other! There is a Daytona forum under the Road Trip section of the board. There is sure to be a lot more activity there after signups on 4/2.
  10. NancyAZ

    Prescott, AZ anyone?

    "Snow days are difficult to predict. I would say 'a handful,' maybe 5-6. I've seen snow in the area in April and then we've had winters with no snow at all. Earliest I can remember is in Oct, but sometimes not until Dec/Jan. I will say the past two winters have been relatively wet, not...
  11. NancyAZ

    Prescott, AZ anyone?

    I don't live in Prescott (I live in southern Arizona, where it truly does get hot in the summer), but have a friend who lives nearby in Prescott Valley. Here's what she says: "When it snows up here Prescott may typically get up to 6"-8" sometimes a little less, maybe a little more. That's about...
  12. NancyAZ

    Not sold on the streaming subscription

    I will certainly check to see whether I have a firmware update in the wings and let you know one way or the other. Thanks! ETA: I did have a Samsung firmware update that I installed, as well as a browser update. Neither made a difference as far as being able to play the test videos. It still...
  13. NancyAZ

    Not sold on the streaming subscription

    I'll just chime in with my limited experience with the test videos. The only way I could get them to play on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro was to sideload the Flash .apk. Otherwise, the video loading icon just continued to spin without accomplishing anything. It did not ever recognize that I was...
  14. NancyAZ

    Happy Birthday Nancy and Pam

    You beat me to it :) A very Happy Birthday to all of you, too!:cool:
  15. NancyAZ

    Announcing the Grand Opening of Our New On Demand Streaming Video Portal

    Can you change the screen resolution on your laptop so that the full screen can be viewed?
  16. NancyAZ

    No-no... Does it work

    I had an Epilady when they first came out, so can't really compare them since they have probably improved over the years. But for the past I-don't-know-how-many-years now I've been using the Emjoi tweezer-like system and like it much better. It's more versatile as far as where you can...
  17. NancyAZ

    Anyone else having problems with workout manager?

    I'm using Chrome. I did have a Windows update a few days ago.
  18. NancyAZ

    Anyone else having problems with workout manager?

    I don't think the dropdown menu box was created with enough character width. I can't read many of the longer general cardio titles, either.
  19. NancyAZ

    Anyone else having problems with workout manager?

    I'm having a similar, if not the same problem. I tried to get to Extended Stretch, which is at the bottom/end of the STS DVDs listing. The scroll bar does not work. I was able to get to it by using the down arrow to get down through the list and select the workout. I tried a few other listings...
  20. NancyAZ

    Please Help! Where to get additional risers for step?