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    Biggest Loser 3-Tier Steamer by Taylor

    Does anyone have one of these steamers? Does it work well? I have seen mixed reviews on this, so wanted your expert opinions before I open it up. Thanks!
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    Does anyone use Walk Fit orthotics or another brand?

    I have had my Walk Fit for well over a year and they still are working fine. They are most comfortable for me if I place them under the foam inserts that are in most athletic shoes. It took quite awhile before the pain went away though. So, patience and I had to quit doing step and substitute...
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    Does anyone use Walk Fit orthotics or another brand?

    I have the original Walk Fit orthotics. They have been working well for me. I had plantar fasciitis and they seemed to help with that. I no longer have pain in my heel. I continue to wear them for support. I purchased mine from Bed Bath and Beyond. With their discount coupons that they...
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    Plantar Fasciitis and Cute Shoes- Is it possible?

    Hi FitWit: I am a fellow lurker as well. I too have gained much knowledge from the people here. I have also been suffering from the same thing. I self-diagnosed as well, and have had success with shoe inserts. I do put them in my flats, etc. But I also recently found some sandals that...
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    new pill info....

    I'm new at posting here, but had to say thanks so much for this great information! It was an answer to prayer for me this morning. I have been using NFP for 20 some years and have some questions as I enter pre-menopause. I plan to check out the book and web sites mentioned. I hadn't heard it...