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    Any New Info on New Workouts?

    filming? Was just wondering if you had an estimation of when filming will start? Not being pushy just curious.
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    Wen hair care

    Did anyone try Wen Hair care products? I saw the infomercial and was wondering if anyone saw the same results?
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    Butt Bible

    Just beware when you move on...Lower body 2 really kicks it up a notch. I'm a little scared of what LB 3 will be. If you plan on trying the UB workouts use light weights. The UB 1 wasn't too bad, but UB 2 really burns. I can usually lift pretty heavy and got a little cocky the first time and...
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    Butt Bible

    Has anyone tried The Butt Bible workouts on Exercise TV? I am up to lower and upper body 2 and WOW! was I burning! Lots of reps with low weight! You do U&L 1 2X per week for 2 weeks and then move on to U&L2 for 2 weeks and then 3 (cardio in between). I'm going to do the whole series and see...
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    I'm curious too!!! The music in her last series was great!
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    How's progress going?

    Haven't heard much on the progress on Low Impact Series. Just wondering if you started filming yet and if everything is running on schedule. I'm just so excited to get these workouts in my hands!!!!!!
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    Customer service compliment

    Cathe, I just wanted to compliment you on your wonderful customer service department. I had a problem not receiving the new DVD's and contacted your CS department. Nancy answered my e-mail promptly and was extremely helpful and friendly. The problem was resolved within 2 e-mails. I would...
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    Any body not get there dvd's yet?

    How did you have them shipped? If you used UPS you should have a tracking number. If you shipped USPS and live close to NJ I would contact customer service. I contacted them a couple of days ago about not receiving mine and they have not gotten back to me yet. I hope to hear from them soon!
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    My DVDs are Missing :(

    I never received my DVDs either. I live in NJ and had them shipped USPS, so I thought I would receive them a day or two after shipping. There is no way for me to track it so I contacted customer service yesterday 11/29 and haven't received a reply yet. I really hope they did not get lost in...
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    Any body not get there dvd's yet?

    I haven't received mine and I live in NJ (did not have to go far). Hope they didn't get lost!!!!! I used USPS.
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    Pure Strength--should I?

    I love this workout! It does not have the dread factor some of the other workouts have, but gives you a great workout. It also has some great ab workouts. They are very simple moves but really get in there and work. Yeah, it's a little dated...but you get over that real quick once you are...
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    Mud run

    Did anyone ever do one of these races? My husband signed us up for one in November and it looks a little scary.