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  1. alsrnbsn

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Tracey, you are NOT allowed to break your ankle this year! ;)
  2. alsrnbsn

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Hey, y'all!!! New Jersey Cathlete Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other: A Photo (attachment on this forum -so cool!) Don't have a recent one that I can post, but just ask Cyndi, she's got all sorts! Name / Forum Name: Amy/ alsrnbsn (it's my initials, my title; RN; and my bachelor's...
  3. alsrnbsn

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    Rockin' number 59 here! Looking forward to hitting RT #4 and getting to know the first-timers and reconnecting with the veterans.
  4. alsrnbsn

    Schedule of Events

    Thanks MommaDeb! Can't wait to join the fun again after missing last year!!!!
  5. alsrnbsn

    Schedule of Events

    Cathe, I have a question about the meals that will be served. I know that you are very picky about the caterers you use and have been more than impressed at the past RT's. I recently discovered that I have food allergies, specifically gluten, and was concerned about the menu choices. What...
  6. alsrnbsn

    registration date incorrect in newsletter?

    Rock on!!! Can't wait to burn the 'board that day!!!
  7. alsrnbsn

    Schedule of Events

    Just remember, Tracey.....I do ICU, NOT that pregnancy stuff!!! ;)
  8. alsrnbsn

    So, who's in?

    T-12 is back, all of us!!! So watch out, everyone! :) I won't be exercising, I will be 3 weeks out from having surgery, but I still wanted to join in the fun and see everyone! I was so excited that my stomach was doing flip-flops as it got closer to 1pm!!!
  9. alsrnbsn

    Dr. Gets Fired Over His Stand on Overeating

    I think that the funniest thing about all of this is that this story was based out of where I live (Pensacola, FL), but we've not heard word #1 about any of this!!!
  10. alsrnbsn

    knitting vs crochet question

    As both long time knitter and crocheter....I actually prefer knitting for clothing. I think that it makes a better, more eye-pleasing fabric. Crochet is faster, yes, but I don't like the bulky stitches for clothing. If you crochet a fabric that's not see-through, then it tends to be very...
  11. alsrnbsn

    Automatic Litter Boxes and a Vet question

    I had 3 cats for several years with only 1 automatic litter did fine. In fact, after the motor finally burned out (after a couple of years), we went to get another one, but instead came home with cat #4!
  12. alsrnbsn

    Need Pushup Shoes

    You're supposed to be on the balls of your feet when you do 'toe' push-ups. The toes aren't strong enough to support that much weight, whereas the balls of the feet are more sturdy because of more bone/ligament/tendon/muscle mass vs. the toes.
  13. alsrnbsn

    Did everyone get home ok? Check-in!

    Thanks, Robin....apparantly, though I WAS there......just a little skinnier that my 'norm' ;)
  14. alsrnbsn

    Will there be webcast replays of the RT?!

    Yes, especially since I work nights/weekends, so I missed almost all but about 5 minutes of the Saturday morning step class!
  15. alsrnbsn

    Did everyone get home ok? Check-in!

    I think that bad weather and getting out of Philly airport is just part of the 'activities' of the Cathe RT weekend! Last year, my 1330 flight didn't get out to Atlanta until after 9p. I spent a LOVELY afternoon in the airport with Kathy Shapiro, just chatting, knitting, and getting to...
  16. alsrnbsn

    Step slipping on puzzle mats

    I had that same problem, and it was fixed by using that non-skid surface for the furniture. They also come in smaller sizes for opening jars and using to pad a flatware drawer, but either way it works great!
  17. alsrnbsn

    Hello from some Roadtrippers!

    Awesome photo, Liann!!! Hey, do me a favor and give Robin and Evily a great big hug from me!!!
  18. alsrnbsn

    So what is your favorite hobby?

    I'm with Debbie (aka FitnessFrieak) except mine is knitting! I LOVE to knit socks! I don't do adult garments other than socks and what clothing I do make is for my niece and nephew who are a year old.
  19. alsrnbsn

    <--old friends, silently sharing the same fears

    <--sends everyone a "thanks" for the coffee love! <--'s DH got her a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas <-- absolutely LOVES it!
  20. alsrnbsn

    <--old friends, silently sharing the same fears

    <--wanders in, rubbing sleep out of the eyes <--is waiting for the first cup of coffee to cool enough to chug <--wishes Robin and Liann each a safe drive <--is still sad that <--couldn't go this year! <--waves to Beavs, Shelly, Miss Lee and everyone else <--is still WAY tired....