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    NOV 2011 Low Impact Series Rotation

    Thank you!!! I'm finishing up a rotation (sort of a prep for this), I can't wait to get started on this rotation.
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    This might encourage a lot of women to exercise

    Hysterical and great!
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    Low impact dvd

    The DVDs are great! (just got mine today), can't wait until the rotation on 10/31...well, I guess I have no choice but to wait LOL :D
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    Prayer Request-Others may be able to relate

    In the same boat Hi JT, My job was partially outsourced and moved to a different state with no option to relocate, plus I can relate to limited opportunities. I see that a opportunity has come your way, will pray that it works out for. If anyone can send some prayers my way I'd...
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    Low Impact Series - Not with Ipod Classics or Nanos?

    How do I download my Low Impact Series? I ordered the Low Impact Series with download and can't find instructions or an area where I should download, can someone point me in the right direction of help me out? I'll keep looking around since the how to is probably right in front of me :)...
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    CTX Series

    CTX Rotation Is that CTX week sort of the prescribed way to use the CTX set? Is the rotation for 4, 6 or more weeks? Thanks, I have this thing about using rotations provided by workout creators :)
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    Official Cathe Beginner Rotation

    This is so helpful Thanks much for posting this Cathe!
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    Apartment Friendly DVDs

    I second this request! I've had to pass on so many DVDs because of the space issue. I would also love to see a modifier, especially for those of us with bad knees :)
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    In a word? Yippee Exciting Can't wait!! (oops, that's two words :) Thanks Cathe!!
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    Some Unfortunate News!

    I hope you feel better soon {{{Cathe}}}. Let that knee heal completely before trying to film, I know you want to go back to exercising but apparently your knees does not care to join you in that endeavor ;)