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    Hi buckeyegirl! Just want to back up JeanneMarie in her advice to you. I also have experience with a loved one who is an alcoholic and everything she said is dead on. I have nothing to add because that is the best advice you are going to get. Jen
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    "Long term muscle will burn more calories than fat: ~50 calories per day per pound of fat. So 5lbs extra muscle gained will require the equivalent of 26 lbs of fat of energy to maintain." Unfortunately, I think this myth was debunked not too long ago. If I recall correctly, the number of...
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    Help finding lost wedding ring

    Wendy, I can see how she might fall for that one, but how did he explain the next ten times? :p;)
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    Damage Control....Monday....Booh!

    Good morning girls! I'm going to apologize in advance for the lack of personals and the quick post, but I'm swamped lately and am prepping for meetings on Wednesday. Wednesday meetings are a change to my usual routine and it requires some travel out of town. I haven't done them in a long time...
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    Damage Control....Hump Day!

    Laura: DO WANT :D Pleeeeeeze. [email protected] Thank you! I watch TBL last night and man was I happy with the outcome of the weigh in!! I won't give it away if Lori is planning on watching, but considering how that challege went and the way Michael chose the teams....yup, happy I was.
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    Damage Control....Hump Day!

    Good morning girls! Back to report that I got another workout in this morning, woohoo! I did Cardio Axe and 2/3 of High and Tight. I loved them both! Cardio Axe isn't intense at all, but OMG was it FUN! It's definitely something that will only be enjoyable to people who like to dance...
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    Damage Contoll'in Tuesday!

    Well I'm back because DSO saved me a trip to the cabinet showroom and went and picked up the sample for me! See why I like this guy ;) I would have been RACING from here to there and back to get it done in my lunch hour, would likely have returned late, and probably would have risked my safety...
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    Damage Contoll'in Tuesday!

    Hiya girlies! Well, I did a workout today!!! I'm now coughing my head off, but that's okay, it'll pass ;) I did BBL's Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck. Why anyone needs 20 solid minutes of abs is beyond me, but I did it. I really enjoyed Bum Bum this time around without an audience, and I found...
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    Damage Control...It's Monday already!?

    Hey girlies! Last time I checked in I had typed out this really long post and then found out that I wasn't logged in when I went to post it :confused: No idea how that happened, but I lost it all, and at that point I was so frustrated that I shut the computer off! I have no workout to...
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    Damage Control...Hump Day! :)

    Hi girlies! I'm getting a little breather this afternoon while the boss is in Springfield for meetings. Although, saying it's a breather is kind of ironic, because it appears I've come down with a crappy cold. My head and throat hurt and I'm completely stuffed up :mad: I had barely gotten over...
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    Controlling the Damage on a SATURDAY!

    Hello ladies! Can't believe it's this late in the day already...I've been a bit of a slug all morning, but truth be told, that's kind of what my Saturdays are typically. I *heart* my Saturdays. I did manage to get a workout in though :) I decided to do SWAT Ultimate Fat Burning workout...
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    Damage Control...Hump Day

    Hey ladies! Ugh, my little spell with what I think was the flu really knocked me on my butt this weekend! I was really feeling like crap for days...but I think I'm very much on the mend now. Today is the first day I'm really starting to feel back to my normal self. And of course, because I...
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    Damage Control...Thursday...

    Hiya chickadees! Chatty bunch here today :D This is just a fly-by because I'm actually back at work today. Feeling better than I did yesterday and Tuesday for sure, but still not great. NASTY head cold now. I hate those. And, I'm happy to report that the blizzard everyone anticipated...
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    Damage Control on HUMP DAY!

    Hey girls. I think this storm is starting a lot later than what they predicted. It flurried for most of the morning, but it's only just starting to really come down. That's not a big deal right now, but I just checked the weather online and it looks like it means it's going to end a lot...
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    Damage Control on HUMP DAY!

    Good morning, chicas! Another day at home for me, in part because I'm still feeling crappy, in part because I didn't see the point in braving the weather if I'm feeling like this. It's all good, because I've always loved a snow day :D Lori: I'm sorry to hear you're feeling lonely without...
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    Damage Control on Tuesday

    Yay, back with personals! :D Wendy: So you’re an early bird exerciser now with this new job? Good for you! How do you like it? It’s one of those things that once you get into the habit of it, it’s not so bad, and eventually you wouldn’t want it any other way. I love getting it over with in...
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    Damage Control on Tuesday

    Good Morning, girlies! Well, the bad news: I'm home sick feeling like absolute sh*t. The good news: I will FINALLY have time to catch up here :p Plus, I don't have meeting for three weeks! Woo hoo! I'm sailing for a while. It is looooong overdue. Wendy: How's the job going? Gonna...
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    Damage Control **Monday*Monday**

    Good Morning Diana, and all who follow! I did a new (to me) Jari workout this morning. It was her Get Extremely Ripped 1000, and I did the first workout circuit, plus the 8 minutes of abs. It was really good! I'll definitely be using this one a bit. I'm prepping for Friday meetings so...
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    Damage Control...Sunday

    Good evening girls! Popping in while I wait for DSO's lasagna to finish cooking. OMG, it smells sooooooo good. I think I'll never make lasagna again! It's his job now. I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred levels 2&3 this morning for a nice little kick butt workout. Wendy: Gotta know what a...
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    Saturday's Damage Controllers!!!

    Back to report my workout: Jari's Ripped 1000. She suffiiently kicked my ass :D Diana: I was with you on the home breakfast today...english muffin with almond butter for me. It's good of you to do your own tax return. I'm too lazy. In all honesty there's no reason for me not to do it...