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    Your favourite Cathe live for downloads

    I prefer the body split workouts, all upper or all lower, but like some total body occasionally. There are a lot of total body workouts, some have cardio like the Boot Camps, while others are more weight focused. Personally, I like the PHA and Total Body Giant Sets (TBGS) workouts. TBGS 1...
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    The Benefits Of Spending Time With Pets & Recovery Workouts

    My cat passed in 2020 and I never replaced her. My next-door neighbours have 2 cats who are friendly and visit me regularly, so I still get my cat cuddles.
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    Another New Poll :) Equipment Cathe has used in workouts, that you like to use in your workouts?

    I haven't used YouTube videos for my Yamuna balls, but I would say to start with the Yamunabodyrolling channel as this is the person who invented them. My Pilates instructor has done the proper Yamuna training and gives me exercises targeted to my needs. You can use the Yamuna balls similar to...
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    Another New Poll :) Equipment Cathe has used in workouts, that you like to use in your workouts?

    Absolutely. I have several different types. I have two Yamuna balls for body rolling the pearl ball and the harder silver ball. I have the Yamuna foot wakers which are two half balls with spikes. I have two spiky balls one of which is battery powered and vibrates, a beastie ball which is a...
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    Another New Poll :) Equipment Cathe has used in workouts, that you like to use in your workouts?

    I love my dumbbells. Prefer using them to a barbell for most exercises. I like using my 0.5 kg wrist weights too. I either use them as light hand weights, or to add incremental weight along with my dumbbells or barbell. I couldn't do without my yoga blocks. I use them a lot for...
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    How "old" is "old"?

    We were talking about this in my Pilates studio yesterday. We are all individuals and some of us retain mobility, flexibility and strength, along with our mental faculties, longer than others. Our instructor was telling us about her oldest client. He was 97, still able to drive, and still...
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    BoneSmart Pilates...anyone?

    I've never heard of BoneSmart Pilates. I had a quick look, and it says it "addresses correct and healthy body alignment and offers a safe method for improving strength, flexibility and balance that is useful for anyone interested in aging with power and grace." This could describe most forms...
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    Hey Pilates fans ... help me understand ...

    I have my stability ball and a 3kg medicine ball. I also have some tennis balls and spiky balls for massaging. I have 2 large storage bins with all my props, including the balls, yoga blocks and straps, Pilates rings, various massagers, resistance bands and tubing, a balance disc and a wobble...
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    Hey Pilates fans ... help me understand ...

    All the exercises I've seen that use weighted toning balls, you hold them in your hands, so you could use any type of small hand weight. I have 4lb weighted toning balls, but these are usually too heavy for me for most exercises. I often use either 0.5kg wrist weights (approx. 1.1lb) which I...
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    Hey Pilates fans ... help me understand ...

    The yoga ball, or mini ball, is usually unweighted and used as you've seen Cathe use it. I believe the 6-inch ball you referred to is just a smaller version of the 9-inch. The smaller balls are usually toning balls and are weighted between 1-4 pounds. These are used similarly to light...
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    Shoulder injury and exercise

    Hi Ann, I injured my left shoulder doing pullovers on a stability ball a few years ago. It was a Cathe workout, and I had warmed up. I was using one dumbbell and a lighter weight than usual because of being on the ball. As I moved my arms back my left shoulder slightly dislocated from the...
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    To me it seems like a fusion of traditional moves, e.g. Pilates moves for Pilates Fusion, mixed with functional movements. I think the sliding mermaids move in STS 2.0, Standing Abs Core + Floor might be an example. The mermaid is a traditional Pilates move but Cathe has added in the element...
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    I'm the same. I wobble all over the place when balancing on my right but I'm a lot more stable on my left. I guess it makes sense being right-handed (and right-legged), if I were to kick a ball I would balance on my left and kick with my right foot. My left leg is tighter, and I don't have...
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Jump To It Live Workout

    I did the same thing. I really struggle with the side lying tricep push-ups and this time I didn't even attempt this move; I just went for the kickbacks. I also don't jump on the jump rope segments, I either do a calf pump like what Cathe sometimes does in the warmup where your toes stay...
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    Announcing My Next Workout Series

    I'm the same. The big one for me is step ups. I've always struggled with them but since developing hip tendonitis I can't do them at all. Even going up and down stairs in general I find I need to hold onto the handrail more often, especially if I'm already a bit fatigued. If I even slightly...
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    Will all the new workouts & bonuses be chaptered?

    Thanks for posting this separately aqua girl.
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    Announcing My Next Workout Series

    Agree. Squats and lunges are important functional moves. They don't have to be weighted. I have never been able to do deep squats or lunges, but even keeping the movement shallow still works.
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    New Workouts!!!!

    Me too. I struggle to fit in longer workouts.
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    Announcing My Next Workout Series

    These new workouts sound great! I haven't been able to do high impact workouts for over a year now. I am getting more and more niggles in my joints, and it is taking me longer to recover from high intensity workouts. I use the workout blender to create workouts that I can do. I'm looking...
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    New Workouts!!!!

    Me too, and "shoulder friendly". I find even if I go to my elbows to save my wrists, my shoulders get sore.