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    X-Train One Rep Max

    I am finishing a pyramid of STS and I want to do a 90-day X-Train next. I know the workout cards for it are available to print, but they don't have the one rep max information for the exercises -- even though I did a test and enter the data for every exercise for STS. Is that something that can...
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    STS download space

    How many gigabytes is the entire STS series going to take up? I need to know if I need to buy an external hard drive. Thank, Tobermory
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    kitchenaid stand mixers

    If you want the tilt head buy the Classic not the Artisan -- it is better made and has a stronger engine. I have both a Classic (it is 20 years old) and a Pro, which is four or five. They both work very well. I bake three or four times a week and make all of my own breads. Tobermory
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    Cathelete's Cookie (Recipe) Exchange

    Sugar and Spice cookies This recipe comes from my very first cookbook, The Cookie Book by Eva Moore, which I got in 2nd grade. The recipe only makes 18 cookies because it is a child's recipe, but doubles or triples very nicely. These are wonderful winter cookies and they disappear immediately...
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    Any Dexter fans out there?

    Jaffas I think that Arthur's family will be sent into witness protection immediately because Arthur is missing and the government will want to protect them. Therefore, they may never know that Rita was killed or that Dexter is Kyle. Of course, the other issue is, what excuse can Dexter give...
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    AT&T cell phone users please help

    I also love my iPhone. Ring is a little quiet. Otherwise, great. And while the plan right now is that iPhone should be going to other carriers in the summer, Apple and At&T are back in negotiations, so that may not happen. Tobermory
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    I can not believe this is happening!

    I understand. I really think you should go in and talk to them about asthma controlling medications. Explain what you could do before, what you can do now, and what you want to be able to do. It may take a while to get to where you need to be and to find the right combination for you. They...
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    Sad husband, I need wife advice

    Has he been to an infectious-disease specialist yet? I have two different friends who were diagnosed after 1 and 2 years respectively by one of those. The first had mono for a year, saw all these doctors who didn't know what was going on because he had unusual symptoms and his life was just...
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    I can not believe this is happening!

    I also have exercise induced asthma and I am concerned that you are not really seeing the right doctors. As someone who has had pretty sever asthma all my life, of all kinds, I am wondering why your doctors are just putting you on Symbicort when you have been taking a lot of Albuterol to keep...
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    gowear fit help please!

    You have to sync to the website for the sleep information.
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    Ugh! why do in-laws have to be so difficult?

    Don't think it is the color of your skin that is the problem -- even if you were of the exact same background as your husband's family, they would still have problems with you -- that is the kind of family they. Technically, I am exactly what my in laws claim they wanted -- same religion, age...
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    Need some input RE: GWF and calories

    It seems like you are simply taking in too few calories. Once you go below a 1000 calorie deficit it is likely that you are starving your body and it won't let go of fat. I started with a 1000 to 750 deficit a day -- like you I am short but burn a lot of calories -- but then I stopped losing...
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    So what do you think of Roman Pulanski?

    I think that what motivated Whoopi's remarks are her own life experiences -- her daughter had a baby at 14. She must just accept that 13-year-olds have sex and therefore, she did not see any coercion because a 13-year-old sleeping with a man over 40 seems normal, or at least not really unusual...
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    Asthma and Insanity

    Thanks, and perhaps you are right. Tobermory
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    Asthma and Insanity

    I do take more than inhalers and all the new and amazing medications that have come on the market during the past 15 years or so are the only things that have made exercise possible for me. Further, I haven't been in an emergency room for my breathing in years -- except when I was pregnant and...
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    Asthma and Insanity

    Ladies, I have exercised-induced asthma (as well as every other kind, but that is not relevant to this discussion) and I am curious about those of you with this condition who have done Insanity. I can now do all of Cathe's step workouts and IMAX2, and I am starting to work through IMAX 3. If...
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    Calorie Deficit

    Hi all, I have lost 10 percent of my body weight and now I have hit a plateau that has lasted a few months. I am wondering if you all think that it might help to decrease my calorie deficit. I need to lose about another 10 percent. Right now I usually have a 750 to 1100 calorie deficit per...
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    Two kitty questions - one about how much to feed her and the other is a strange thing

    The seeds are signs that your cat has a worm -- probably tape worm. You really need to get her to a vet. Tobermory
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    Doing what's best for the kids?

    I completely agree with Sparrow. While my parents have been happily married for 55 years, my husband's parents "stayed together for the kids" until my husband was 17. So they stayed together, but they made no effort to make the marriage work. That means there was constant tension, my FIL was...
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    Frankenstein Readers

    But the point is that is frequently what men do when they create -- how many fathers have deserted their children? Victor is a typical weak father -- confounded by his offspring he chooses to depart because he feels he does not have the skills to cope. Remember, the whole book can be viewed as...