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  1. punkydoodah

    Damage Control March!!

    Hi All-- Do you remember me? I hope you're all doing well. I miss the Cathe forum ladies. Be well, and keep on sweating! :) Jen Panicacci
  2. punkydoodah

    Damage Control August :)

    Hi Girls-- it's been a while! How is everybody? I think I am ready to start posting again! Almost couldn't remember the name of this thread. I have been going to a "body-building" gym in Petaluma (CA) for about a year now. I just do elliptical, stationary bike, and treadmill, with about 75...
  3. punkydoodah

    Masterpiece Theatre-Zen-Rufus Sewell:Anyone watching?

    Because!!! GOOD THINGS come to those who wait-- We deserve the best from the BBC and PBS, right!>:D
  4. punkydoodah

    Masterpiece Theatre-Zen-Rufus Sewell:Anyone watching?

    Still in love with Mr. Darcy.... Just saw it online last night!!! Sexy guy-- I remember him from Middlemarch years ago. The love interest now is of course at least 10 years younger than he is:cool:
  5. punkydoodah

    Congrats!! Who's in for NJ RT 2011???

    People call me Melissa by accident, does that count?:D I'm not a Melissa, but still want to try to come if there is any space on this Road Trip. Do you know if there is? The Fairfield Inn at Deptford is already full for that weekend! Would love a reply from anybody :) edit: Never mind...
  6. punkydoodah

    Protein Powder??

    Yay, I'm so glad I found this thread... :D ...Whole Foods stopped selling my fave protein powder and now I can try Gold Standard. My Marine son is looking for a good one, too. Maybe I mix up a shake this weekend for him when he gets off submarine training. Yee-Haw!!!! Thank goodness for the...
  7. punkydoodah


    Hi Ladies: How are you all? Just did my first Cathe workout in 5 months (Intensity). ;) Glad to see you are all still busy and active (what else would you be?) Love, Jen Panicacci :)
  8. punkydoodah

    DaMaGe CoNtRoL TGIF!!

    Hi All::cool: Sorry for not posting for awhile--- BUSY is my middle name, getting ready for Tucson leaving tomorrow. Plus, having to finish the seminar I took and then getting my classroom back in order for first day of school Aug 18th:rolleyes: Miss you all-- where's Jacque? I'll try to...
  9. punkydoodah


    Hi Sweethearts and WONDER WOMEN!!!!! No time for personal today:(-- must drive up to Sonoma and CLEAN OUT MY CLASSROOM!!!! ugghh..... The custodians want me to protect everything with plastic and I am dreading it. You all sound busy and happy----BBL for personals if time.....:rolleyes::)...
  10. punkydoodah

    ***DaMaGe CoNtRoL**Sunday***

    Hi Wonder Women!!!:D SPA DAY was wonderful!!!! Did Supersets after Jacque inspired me on Facebook. I tried that Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes and it gave me a pretty glow all over. No streaks. It's the same stuff Cathe uses. I also treated myself and bought Hiit and Cardio Core Circuit...
  11. punkydoodah


    Hi y'all Jacque: I can relate to that "working while not at work" feeling. We teachers work while we're on summer, during the evenings, weekends?!:p#$%%^!!:mad: Laura: My folks are from Birmingham AL. I definitely grew up with lots of y'alls in the house! Love that connection to sweet...
  12. punkydoodah

    Damage Control.....Thursday

    Wendy: So glad to hear your belly button's healing!! Now it will be cute with a little ring in it!!!:) You're braver than I am to get a piercing:confused: silly me. Also, I'm glad you are still working out, even tho the STS was bugging you. 3:45 a.m.???? WOO, girl you are really amazing:D...
  13. punkydoodah

    Damage Control....Tuesday

    My mom, when she was alive, always reminded me that my Camp Fire Girl name I chose for myself (in the Indian language) meant "she who does difficult things well." Maybe that's why I like to work out and teach high school. Nothing but a good challenge, right???:) Miss you, my beautiful...
  14. punkydoodah

    Damage Control....Tuesday

    Wendy: You are already in such great shape, I know taking a break from STS will not hurt you. I could only aspire to have your drive and determination:D Lori: Your little boy sounds like my daughter when she was little. She always had a ton of energy, and she still does! Still trying to get...
  15. punkydoodah

    Damage Controllers....Monday!

    Wendy-thanks about the STS. I will probably get it at some point, but it sounds like a booty-kicker!:confused: Jacque- I have just four more days to teach!!!! whoo hoo:D Diana- Sounds like a ton of fun. I love the mountains, and sound like you guys really know how to enjoy it. Glad the...
  16. punkydoodah

    Damage Control...Sunday

    Jacque!!:cool:Silly me, I thought the festival was this weekend!!!:oJust Googled it and that's sounds like a lot of fun on the 23rd, 24th, 25th. I'll think about going, just for fun, and to see you!:D
  17. punkydoodah

    Damage Control...Sunday

    Diana Where in the mountains are you? I know you have the beautiful Rockies to choose from, but, specifically? i can't decide whether I love mountain vacays or beach vacays the best. Plz tell:) Wendy--you are awesome bein so faithful with that STS. Would you say it's worth the price? I'm still...
  18. punkydoodah

    Damage Control...HAPPY FRIDAY! :)

    Hi All Just checkin' in! Diana: You know how good DARK chocolate is for you!!! that flat-belly diet book says its high in MUFAS! :eek: Enjoy! I have been still focusing on Tosca Reno, but specifically, cleansing foods go in my salads now, like beets, celery, and sunflower seeds. Also...
  19. punkydoodah

    Damage Contoll'in Thursday!

    Hi -- Just saying hi to my Cathe buddies. Off to summer school! only a few more school days left, then I get a week off. Happy times!:D
  20. punkydoodah

    DaMaGe CoNtRoL HUMP DAY!

    Did the Workout #2 on Hardcore Extreme-- I like it because it's over a full hour of 8-inch step cardio. Havin a lovely salad tonight filled with lots of cleansing veggies:D See you all in the morning.