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  1. hoffmasa

    Boss Bands icons

    Hello, Thanks for getting to this, but unfortunately clearing the cache did not work. Do you have any other advice? I followed these steps: In Chrome On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More . Click More tools Clear browsing data. At the top, choose a time range. To...
  2. hoffmasa

    Boss Bands icons

    hello, just checking to see if this has been updated yet. Thanks
  3. hoffmasa

    Fitness tower Avatar

    I see that the Fitness Tower workouts are in the Workout Manager selection, however when logging the workout - it does not show the avatar (image). Thanks, Sharon
  4. hoffmasa

    Workout Manager - Strong & Sweaty Rotation

    Never mind. I found the answer on a different thread. Thanks.
  5. hoffmasa

    Workout Manager - Strong & Sweaty Rotation

    I downloaded Cathe's strong and sweaty rotation to my calendar. There are no images showing up on the calendar. I click on a certain date and the daily workout shows up on the right side of the screen, but there is no image within the calendar. Thanks, Sharon
  6. hoffmasa

    Live Class Jan 8th 2015

    I agree! I loved the power yoga at the end! So effective!
  7. hoffmasa

    Question about article on afterburn/diet

    I work out in the morning and I only sip a bit of water throughout workout. If I do more than that, I am very aware of the liquid sloshing around in my belly when I am jumping around. It bugs me. When I workout in the evening, I don't notice any sloshing of anything in there. And I DO seem...
  8. hoffmasa

    Any Reason Why the Cathe Site Was Down This Morning?

    Funny, just the other day, my boss gave me a famous quote that went something along the lines of ... "the best carriage harness maker in the country went out of business..." Kuddos to for reinventing itself and embracing the future technology, as frustrating as it may be. Oh...
  9. hoffmasa

    Cathe Live Suggestions

    Is $9.97 for cathe Live the presale rate only?
  10. hoffmasa

    Please share your LIVE Cathe TV ideas

    Got this answered after reading a different thread. Sorry! Never mind. :)
  11. hoffmasa

    Announcing the Grand Opening of Our New On Demand Streaming Video Portal

    SNM, Thanks for responding too all of the questions! You have answered many of the ones that are in my head. Cathe Live sounds great. Is $9.97/month a temporary price cut? Will it go up after the "presale"? Cathe On Demand - I'm not certain of the true benefit if I already own MANY past...
  12. hoffmasa

    Please share your LIVE Cathe TV ideas

    Cathe, Live classes on Thursday at 9:15. Can these be seen at a later time for those that are unable to watch? The technology you are selling is all new to me. Any "dumbing down" in your response to further clarify how the On Demand and especially Cathe Live works is much appreciated! :)...
  13. hoffmasa

    Any filming this year?

    I would love to see the quick workouts. The tabata and Hiit workouts are quick and effective! I LOVE the XTrain Burnsets dvd. I can do cardio and 1 muscle group of weights in one day and I see fabulous results from that!
  14. hoffmasa

    Impact Level in New Workouts?

    While I appreciate everything that the previous posters have said, as I too like the low impact for my occasional moody knees, I just want to say that I enjoy the high impact work as well. Cathe, you are so great at providing a variety for all of us. THANKS! Sharon
  15. hoffmasa

    Error in 90 day official rotation tabata premixes?

    Oh good. I was wondering the same thing.
  16. hoffmasa

    dixie cups and elbows

    Cathe, I love the dixie cup lunges AND the squats where you tell us that our elbows should touch our thighs on the descent. I have never before lunged or squatted that low for ALL of the repetitions. It's challenged me in a new way and has forced me to get down LOWER with better form...
  17. hoffmasa

    Tabatacise!!! WOW!

    I'm following the 90 day X-Train rotation. I just did Tabata 1-5 with the Core #1 add-on. I feel so incredibly accomplished right now. What a tough and effective workout! Thank you, Cathe!
  18. hoffmasa

    XTrain User Manual

    Ok, I know I'm not crazy now. Everything that you both are saying I checked with no luck. I decided to re-download the 90 day rotation and NOW the premixes are showing in the details. TRULY, they were not there with the other rotation that I downloaded. I have no idea why. BUT, now I'm...
  19. hoffmasa

    XTrain User Manual

    Hi Pam, Actually, it does not show the premix. It only shows the disc to be used, without a premix selected. Unless I did something wrong when I downloaded the rotation...
  20. hoffmasa

    XTrain User Manual

    SNM, Is it possible for you to post the User Manual online for us to view? I see that the workout manager's 90 day downloaded rotation does not specifically define which premix is being used. I use the online workout manager at work during lunch and don't have the User Manual with me...