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  1. aaskelson

    Tough decision - advice? input? (long)

    i had the same issue awhile back when i introduced 2 new puppies to my 2 cat home. my older cat started peeing in odd places . i found out that the puppies were bothering her while she was inside the litter box so she found other places to go. i now use a litter box called a the clever cat ...
  2. aaskelson

    Guest Question

    Will guests that we bring be able to attend the reception by the pool friday and the dj dance party by the pool. Or would they have had to buy tickets? Thanks
  3. aaskelson

    3 Days To Go

    don't worry im nervous too. i worry i won't be able to keep up with everyone or have enough energy to workout with cathe 3 times on saturday . so you are not alone. im a little disappointed b/c i wanted to lose the 10lbs i gained before coming but i didn't. i look forward to meeting everyone...
  4. aaskelson

    Who is joining me in San Diego?

    Hi my name is Amanda and im 29yrs old and I live about 3 hrs from san diego ;) im so excited to finally come meet you . Ive been doing your workouts since i was bout 14 years old ;) . I hope i can keep up with you during the workouts. I look forward to meeting everyone in march.
  5. aaskelson

    \\\\\ ---- clean & tidy wednesday ---- /////

    morning everyone ;) the weather here in california is crazy. it started snowing yesterday afternoon so i got to go home 2 hrs early. Oh I live in southern cali near bakersfield and barstow kinda inbetween them. yesterday i did yoga when i got home b/c i was too tired in the morning. I think...
  6. aaskelson


    good morning everyone ;) so glad today is a holiday and its pouring to boot . But i love the rain ;) today i think im going to do either yoga and abs or cardio and abs. Hubby and I are meeting my dad and is GF for a movie(book of eli) then out to lunch . clean as possible i hope. it seems...
  7. aaskelson

    [[[[[ clean & tidy weekend ]]]]]

    morning everyone ;) still trying to wake up and figure out what im going to do today. was supposed to go to the dentist but i think im going to reschdule my appt. today will probably be cardio most likely kickbox and maybe i'll try travel fit. it looks like it will rain here in cali today ...
  8. aaskelson

    Hope I can keep up!

    this will be my first rt im so excited to meet cathe and everyone. im going with my husband too but he will be diving while im having fun. i really can't wait
  9. aaskelson


    hello hello i hope you don't mind me joining your group. i was here some months ago but had some setbacks . but now im back . my name is amanda and im 29yrs old married to a great man , adam who is retired army . we both work at a prison here in cali . i have 2 cats beast and chewbacca and...
  10. aaskelson

    so excited going to see cathe in san diego

    i just signed up for the egglands best/cathe tour in san diego . im so excited im number 77 anyone else going? i would like to get to know my fellow cathelete before i get there. yippie
  11. aaskelson

    ~#~#~#~# Clean & Tidy Weekend #~#~#~#~

    i have the flu ;( so ive been sleeping alot haven't forgot about you guys just been sleeping and resting. no workouts to report and not much eating either. have a great weekend
  12. aaskelson


    morning everyone sorry been gone . i woke up with a horrible chest cold now i can't talk and my chest and throat are on fire. so i think cardio is out of the picture for now so weights and yoga is all i can do. katie i understand the stress eating. i ate the rest of the cookies and cream...
  13. aaskelson

    SUPER SAD right now...

    oh im so sorry ;( i have two kitties and they are like my kids . i hope your other cat is okay .
  14. aaskelson

    /@/@/@ ** Clean & Tidy Weekend **@\@\@\

    i work at a state prison in the records department . i work with inmate files ive only been there a little over a year. my husband works there too so the paycuts have hit us hard right now we are losing 30% of our paychecks combined
  15. aaskelson

    /@/@/@ ** Clean & Tidy Weekend **@\@\@\

    good morning everyone. only one more day off then back to work. i forgot to tell everyone but since i work for the lovely state of california i got a layoff notice and i guess im working until sept 15 , since we now have 3 unpaid furlough days and going on a fourth i don't know how we'll make...
  16. aaskelson


    orphylea i used to yoga a lot but kind of got out of it. i like bryan kest, sean corn, baron baptiste i haven't tried my eion fin yet i will later. i love netflix its great
  17. aaskelson


    good morning morning everyone getting a late start here . since i have some time off work ive been sleeping in. my back is feeling better so im thinking of doing sts meso 2 cst and maybe my new eion finn yoga . i have a lot of cleaing to do and some shopping to do . maybe watch some...
  18. aaskelson


    eating clean has been hard lately with this medicine im on it makes you crave carbs and sweets. but im doing better i just don't keep that in the house . oh gotta go puppies are tearing stuff up LOL bbl
  19. aaskelson


    morning wow busy morning . my back feels slightly better and i'm thinking of doing some yoga but im not sure i should risk it. ive been out of commission now for almost a week and its killing me . i miss my sts ;) thank you all for welcoming me so nice. my dh is going diving in san diego...