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    Where Did You Come From?

    I actually started with Gilad on TV over 10 years ago... LOL!! As cheesy as he was/is, I found his workouts fun and they were pretty effective. (Although I was about 13 so I had baby fat that I'm sure would've come off on its own) Eventually I joined a gym and found that I LOVED step aerobics...
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    update to "very personal" post

    RE: update to Kim, Glad to hear it and I'm glad it's brought you some relief. Good luck with the next test.
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    I passed my CPT exam yesterday!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! :D Best of luck finding something soon! Sending good vibes your way!
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    Help me stop eating JUNK!

    Another suggestion, in addition to the ones already mentioned above, is to considerably increase your water intake. You'll be so busy running to/from the bathroom you won't have time to eat junk! ;)
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    Let's talk BRAZILIAN Waxing....anyone?

    >By the way - one clarification. Brazilian is NOT the full-monty. (that would be the Sphinx). Brazilian is the "landing strip" or whatever you prefer in front, but the sides and back are wiped clean. < Based on my experience and that of others I know, I respectfully disagree with the above...
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    Baby Luke is here!!!

    AWWWH! What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :7
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    very personal.....

    Kim, Best of luck on your situation and let us know how it goes... Also, it's YOUR life and YOUR choice, so if you don't want to be pregnant than that's that. Don't worry about having offended anyone. Seems like you have enough worries to deal with already.
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    Naked in the locker room

    >I've been curious all day what the "Brazillians" might do in this situation...< LOL! When I did belong to a gym years ago, I never showered there. I just waited til I got home to use my nice, clean shower. Not that theirs "looked" dirty, but still. But I wouldn't care about getting...
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    Let's talk BRAZILIAN Waxing....anyone?

    >So do you get porpped up like you're at the OB/GYNs?< No, you just lie on the bed (or table, whatever you call it) and open and/or raise your leg(s) accordingly... No stirrups.
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    Congratulations on your beautiful baby!
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    Let's talk BRAZILIAN Waxing....anyone?

    >>Regarding why, I just like having as little hair on my body as possible. If I could get my entire lower body lasered, I would.<< Ditto. I never thought about it in terms of "i want to look like a 7yo girl down there... " I just like the way it feels to have no hair there. Plain and simple.
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    Has anyone seen the BodyWorlds exhibit?

    I also saw Bodies, the Exhibition last year.. I thought it was amazing! I found most intriguing the stages of the fetus and seeing their actual size during each developmental phase, as well as seeing the fetus in the uterus of the mother's body. I do have to say I was a little bit disturbed by...
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    Post baby acne?

    I'm sorry I have no suggestions, although Proactiv didn't work for me. Pre-pregnancy, I used a cleanser with salicylic acid and then an acne cream with benzoyl peroxide, and that worked for me. After I became pregnant, I discontinued their use because I heard or read it wasn't good to use...
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    Let's talk BRAZILIAN Waxing....anyone?

    Wow! I would never ever in a million years give myself a wax at home. I'm so clumsy I can only imagine the pain I'd put myself through! I've been getting Brazilians for a few years now, at the same spa with the same professional, so I don't even blink an eye as far as modesty goes anymore...
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    How do I get more energy?

    Jenmgo, Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy!!! Very sorry to hear about your situation... it seems the transition to the new schedule is rough enough without adding the 1st trimester on top of that! I remember I was EXTREMELY tired during the 1st 3 months and I slept sooooooo much...
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    My neighbor was peeking in my basement window

    The same thing happened to me a few years ago while I was still living at my parent's house! I was so disturbed by it that I stopped doing my squats and started cursing him out! It was TOTALLY CREEPY! Maybe my approach wasn't the most tactful, but I was so caught off guard and couldn't believe...
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    New to this forum

    Hi Jen, Welcome to this forum! I have no experience with Depo Provera or any other forms of birth control pills (couldn't stand the way the pills made me feel), but I just wanted to let you know that I was experiencing some of the same symptoms as you back in January and took 2 pregnancy...
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    Take a nap at work!!

    OMG! This would be a dream come true for me!!!
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    Can anyone believe it's June!!!!

    Thank you! :)
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    Can anyone believe it's June!!!!

    I definitely can't believe it and I'm freaking out because my 1st baby is due in August!!! :o So much to do before then and the time just flying right by isn't helping!