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    What Do You Do For A Living?

    Hedge Fund manager of $180M fund.
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    Mini mini mini chihuahuas

    I do chihuahua rescue PLEASE do not encourage vanity and money-oriented breeding practices such as this. These animals are more delicate than others and have more health problems. $1,200 is outrageous to pay for a dog when dozens of chihuahuas die every day in shelters. Take a look at...
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    Comments/Suggestions about Powerstrike Tapes...

    I used my M2 so much I kind of messed it up. I'd like to buy another copy of all of them if any of you who were selling still have them. Email me with your price if you want to sell. [email protected]
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    I'll be interested to hear if it works. On the back of my right leg is the driving directions from Chicago to Milwaukee.
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    FitPrime Fast Cheetah and Strong Bear - Great Workouts!!

    I've pre-ordered four Fitprimes (WF, U&D, SB, FC) Traded them all away after one preview. I've got the Susan Harris tapes coming. If those suck too, that's the end of the great experiment. For my money, you just can't beat Cathe. I want to work out, not parade around doing curtsies with a...
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    New Tapes - Backup Exercisers

    Has it been said yet who's going to be on the new tapes? The old gang or anyone new?
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    How to know what to eat if vegan is the goal?

    Got this email from the troll on this thread. There really should be a mechanism for removing people like this from the discussion boards. It's one thing to have a differing opinion. It's quite another to be borderline psychotic about it...
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    How to know what to eat if vegan is the goal?

    There are some fabulous faux meats on the market now. Boca Burgers are delicious. So are the Morningstar Farms sausage links, patties, and corn dogs. I don't know if you eat tofu or not but there are a million ways to fix it that are great. You might take a look at book called "This Can't Be...
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    Height and Weight? Personal, I know........

    I thought I was 5'6" and now I find out it's actually 5'5". Still weigh 108 after losing nearly 80 pounds 2 1/2 years ago. 43 years old.
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    I am very hurt and sad and need advice!

    Take him to a vet and have him neutered.
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    Presale FAQ's

    Stupid question: I want to preorder the six videos and one of the DVDs and pay by check. I can add 79.99 plus 39.99 but what's the shipping charges for these so I can write the check? Thanks.
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    cindy rae on oprah

    With all due respect. . . who cares.
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    Selling tapes here

    I agree with you. I think it's pretty cheeky advertising a sale of the products of this site's owner in direct competition with her. I'm suprised Cathe didn't pull the thread. I would have.
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    I think that Jai is.......

    Jai is my favorite too. Gorgeous woman and tremendous physique. I wish they'd put her in Cedie's spot rather than in the back.
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    someone from lean and strong will be on oprah!!

    She better not sit too close to Oprah. If Oprah is hungry enough, she might eat her.
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    Got my new tapes!!!!

    You'll do it when you're ready. I had many fits and starts before I finally quit screwing around and bit the bullet.
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    Cathe: Have you seen this Russian kettlebell stuff?

    Apparently, it's kind of faddish right now. I have one of the tapes directed toward women and believe me, you could do a heckuva lot better! I'm sure you're not even thinking about future workouts yet but it is interesting, a little different, and people claim to be getting great results from...
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    Got my new tapes!!!!

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-07-03 AT 10:48PM (Est)[p]Got mine today too. Did PUB and PLB. Outstanding! I have to say it again. As fabulous as Cathe looks, you have to look at Jai. Her body is stunning. She has a 6-pack like I've never seen on a woman, plus she's just beautiful. I'm jealous.