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    My Favorites - Can't find them

    Under step 4 in the 1RM calculator, it says the 1RM results will be saved in "My Favorites" & to use "My Favorites" to update your 1RM. Debra
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    My Favorites - Can't find them

    Same problem. I entered seated concentration curl & standing barbell curl in the 1Rep calculator. I received a confirmation when I saved the exercises, but when I go to the Favorite Exercises, neither are listed. There's no error message. I'm logged in (or I wouldn't have been able to use...
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    Can't click on calendar date

    I tried again from the start. It says I'm already registered, so after clicking onto the workout manager, I log in (already logged in for the forums). Then a message comes up that a security token is missing & to contact the admistrator. Debra
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    Can't click on calendar date

    I'm having the same problem. The workout manager says Welcome to my user name, & has a log out option to the right. Seems that I'm logged in, but when I try to click on a date, I get a "fatal error". I can't see the "add new workouts" option described in the help section. Debra
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    I hope that you were able to start the anti-viral Rx within 72 hours of the onset. I also got slammed with shingles in my early 40's. I was on Vicodin for pain. Hard to say which was worse, the painful blisters or the nausea & exhaustion from Vicodin. Can't believe Vicodin is a...
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    Are there any vegans out there?

    Robin Robertson's "Vegan Planet" is a terrific cookbook (& I'm a food snob). Lots of quick recipes for the time challenged. I'm pretty sure I have Kathryn to thank for this purchase. Debra
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    Should dying Manson murderer be released?

    LA Times editorial I think the Times got it right:,0,293346.story Debra
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    Should dying Manson murderer be released?

    marital status >One of the aspects of this situation that made my jaw drop is >the fact that Susan Atkins is married - to a lawyer, no less. >Just as a side note, who in his right mind would, as a >non-incarcerated citizen, marry an incarcerated mass murderer? > No matter how long ago the...
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    P90X, P90X+ and STS with EZ Gym?

    You put the black door attachment into your door hinge & close the door. The pink thing in the picture is just a piece of sample tubing. I highly recommend heavy (thick) tubing for back work. Debra
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    One Rep Max

    I'm pretty sure that Chris has indicated that the lists & calculator are part of the workout manager. You might do a search of "workout Manager".
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    Assisted Dip and Chin Machine

    Superbands >Any suggestions on the size of Superbands to start with? > >Also, best place to buy? > >TIA Katherine, the Superbands are a Perform Better product. Do some comparison shopping with the Iron Woody bands. I have the 2" Superband but I think you're stronger. I hope that...
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    Assisted Dip and Chin Machine

    >Thanks, I will check out the strap. Can you use it with the >Pullup Tower? Even though I can't do a pullup, just trying >works so many muscles so sometimes, I pretend I am doing one >even though my body doesn't move! :7 I am very glad you added >them into STS just so I will keep attempting...
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    How many STS workouts per week?

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    using STS to train for event

    >Me, too, I'm really curious to hear their >recommendation--it'll help me get a better idea of STS and how >it could help. > >My guess is that STS should be used not while doing interval >cardio training, b/c IT can be anaerobic and that it would be >better to use STS something like six...
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    Helping you understand STS

    1 rep max questions Will the 1 rep max be calculated at the start of each mesocycle or just at the start of the program? One would hope that are 1 rep max is increasing during the program. Second, are we calculating the 1 rep max for every exercise? Thanks, Debra
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    Cathe- Another question about eating

    Kathryn accurately described spelt. There are spelt breads (see French Meadow's website) & it can be used as a grain (eg a sub for brown rice). Uncooked it resembles wheat berries. Quinoa is not a grain but it is used as a grain. It's actually a seed like wild rice. It's a good source of...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Monday 6-18

    Dallys - your Rhodesian Ridgeback is lovely I dropped in to Cathe's website to get some rotation ideas & saw Carma's picture. She could be my 8 year old's litter mate if not for the age difference! My Savanna is larger, 80 pounds, but quite sleek like Carma & the face & markings are quite...
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    ISO band for assisted pull ups

    The Superband at Perform Better is well, super! I, who have never done an unassisted pullup in my life, bought the 1.75" width. If you can do some pullups unassisted, go for a narrower width. Debra
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    30 Day P90X Results

    Clean Eating For those unsure or needing ideas about clean eating, Borders has a couple of Oxygen's Clean Eating issues. One had a lot of recipes along with menus. The other just had menus (2 weeks). Keep in mind that Oxygen focuses on body builders & nearly all of their advertisers are...
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    Pizzelle Cookies

    If your batter is fairly loose, use a small scoop (like a tiny ice cream scoop). If your batter is thick enough, you can roll the dough into little balls. I'd still use a scoop to get a consistent size that works in the pizzelle iron. You might chill the dough to get the right consistency...