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    "Doubling up STS"

    RE: Doubling up STS Thanks for your reply Cathe, that makes good sense and I think that's what I might do. I am currently following "New Rules of Lifting" but plan to buy move onto STS after that. It looks such fun and sooooo challenging:D .
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    "Doubling up STS"

    What do people think of the idea of taking twice the time to do STS by doing each workout twice consecutively. I'm thinking that I would not get much of the benefit first time through where each workout is new especially when many of the moves are new and challenging. Even with watching it...
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    International Orders

    I also appreciate you taking the time to consider this. In response to your questions 1. I realise that import tax and brokerage fees can be charged by all carriers. In the UK the post office charges this also so I have never avoided these fees and I don't expect to with STS or any other...
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    International Orders

    I support this request also having been charged very high brokerage fees by UPS. I am in the UK. I think a few others feel the same as there is a similar recent thread in the Ask Cathe forum. Ruth
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    International Shipping by USPS possible?

    I preordered the 4DS and it was delivered to me in UK by UPS. UPS are absolutely extortionate because they charged £10 (that's about $20) administration fee on top of the import tax and since they overestimated this I ended up paying extras of around $40. Then the shipping fee itself is high...
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    Modifying core work

    Thanks for your reply. I can do the one with the jabs fine and I can do the sit ups with the weight also - it's the ones where you lie on your back and thrust your hips up above you in the air, and the ones where you start with your hips up and roll back down that cause the trouble...
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    Modifying core work

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    Modifying core work

    Hi Cathe I have been enjoying the 4DS and I have a question about the core work. I find the exercises where you roll down with your knees bent and also the hip thrusting exercises at the beginning of the Low intensity core section (sorry can't remember the proper names for either ) really...
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    I used coasters for "markers" in Boot Camp

    RE: I used coasters for I think with the sideways jump drill, I might just jump without markers. I try to jump as far as I can and it seems daft to be trying to guess where to place my markers to meet my jumps. But I agree coasters are a great idea. Ruth
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    Initial Review of HIC

    I usually need a few goes to get the choreography so I wasn't surprised to struggle with HIS, although I had fewer problems with LIS (although I did properly preview this one). However whilst it's not simple, I think a lot of the difficulty comes from not having it broken down (which I...
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    feedback for next filming

    That's interesting what you are saying about the lifting. Maybe I just need to get used to it. I haven't minded not being with the beat on shoulders, biceps etc, it's just exercises where you are lying down so you can't see what Cathe and the crew are doing, and I usually use the music to help...
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    feedback for next filming

    Thanks - I didn't think of that! Ruth
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    feedback for next filming

    I have tried /previewed the two step workouts so far and they look like loads of fun. I am sure once I get the moves I will really enjoy them and appreciate not too much breakdown so you can really go for it. I have only done the chest and back weights section so far but I really didn't...
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    in tears over scratched dvd

    If you do decide to buy again Advanced Workouts are offering a special price of $71.95 plus free postage. I am kicking myself for not waiting to buy them here as I have just coughed up £5 import tax and £11 charge from UPS for administering the import tax (I am in the UK) - that's about another...
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    Hi Cathe ! Are you still here?

    Kathryn what a good question. Cathe, I find it quite motivating to hear you find those moves hard - I would totally agree on your choice! But you always make biceps in particular look really easy (and use about twice my weight) so it's good to know you are suffering really }( However...
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    Best way to lean out butt and thighs?

    I was reading a similar question to this on the Precision Nutrition site run by John Berardi. People on that site recommended doing leg work with single legs and lighter/no weights depending on your level, ie one legged squats, lunges etc. I was interested in this because it fits in well...
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    Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

    Best wishes Brenda for a speedy recovery. Ruth
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    I need encouragement from someone who finally "got" IMAX3 after being really unfit.

    RE: I need encouragement from someone who finally I would add that although Cathe says the blasts get harder in IMAX-3 that in my opinion, the first blast is one of the hardest partly because it is quite tricky choreography which is hard to get when you are putting in a lot of energy plus...
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    B&G Leg Blast premix

    The first time I did this, I didn't preview it since I figured I knew the moves from the main workout so I had no idea what was coming next. I don't know if that was better or worse when "walking lunges" or "lunge squat combo" comes up for the third time. :D . I used to dread leg presses but...
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    filming today vs filming of 1st videos

    Hi Cathe I was interested in your answer - especially that you tried to do a workout all in one take. I don't mean this in a funny or sarcastic way - but since this is the case, why does it take 12 or more hours to film one workout? What are you doing the rest of the time? Ruth