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    Live and On Demand using Roku available in Canada?

    No, the channel still can't be added in Canada. :(
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    Roku Users - Help Us Test Our New Roku OnDemand Channel

    Thanks Curt, I appreciate you following up.
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    Roku Users - Help Us Test Our New Roku OnDemand Channel

    In your first post in this thread, it's referred to as a channel. I'm not really sure what the distinction is between a channel and an app. When I click that link, I'm told "We're sorry, this channel is not available in your area." I see this now and again when trying to add channels that are...
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    Roku Users - Help Us Test Our New Roku OnDemand Channel

    I signed up for Cathe On Demand because I had read there is a Roku channel for playing videos, but when I try to add it via the link above, it says it's not available in my area (Canada.) Are there any plans to make the channel it available to users outside the USA? Roku is the only way I have...
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    About the New Cathe Player

    I'm currently on an island in the West Indies, so I'm sure you can imagine how slow and spotty my internet connection is. But that didn't keep me from enjoying the clip; you just have to let it buffer long enough before watching (and there's no need to actually play it once through first.) Start...
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    SNM -- status of new workouts please?

    It's almost 2 months since the presale began and not a peep -- I really think an update is overdue. Thanks in advance.
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    New DVDs update?

    Hi Cathe or SNM, Could you please give us an update as to the status of the new DVDs? Thanks, Willow
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    Attn Skye: Making an audio file from Cathe workouts

    No problem, and good luck! :)
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    ipod support

    Done. :)
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    Attn Skye: Making an audio file from Cathe workouts

    Making mp3 files from DVDs: Hey Skye, I used Total Recorder (available at though there are plenty of other programs that will do the same thing). It was the cheapest ($12) and best reviewed of the programs I looked into. It's really easy -- you start the program...
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    ipod support

    Guys, this is easy enough to do yourself if you have a DVD player on your computer. Just play the workout and record the audio using a program like Total Recorder. Then import it into iTunes and you're all set. I've done this with Stretch Max myself. :)
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    sound fluctuations in HSC?

    >My Sony DVD player doesn't have a PCM option. Are you sure? My Sony player does. However, it isn't accessed by pressing the audio button as some have described for their players. On mine, I access audio options when the player is stopped (on mine this is a blue Sony screen) and then...
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    CK Sales update

    They must have driven fast! >Update: Feb. 8: 5 pm. >The Hardcore Series has arrived. We are starting to ship all pre >orders. > >We may not be able to give timely responses to phone or Email >inquiries during this period. Your patience during the Hardcore >Shipping period will be...
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    I successfully programed my first workout on my DVD machine!

    RE: I successfully programed my first workout on my DV... This is a keeper! Thanks for sharing! :) --------------------------------------- Non-smoker since June 02/02!!
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    Advanced exercisers going to less working out time?

    >Trevor, > >I think it depends a lot on what kind of activity you can add >aside from workout time. Some people's jobs contain a lot of >inadvertent activity, for example a landscape gardener or a >house painter. These people probably benefit more from short >intense workouts. > >On the...
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    Question for Francine

    Thank you so much for replying. Sadly Nordstrom will not ship to Canada, the boogers. I will try to track the shoes down up here. I never thought of wearing below the ankle socks but I am going to give that a try. Less bulky and looks cute, too. :D Thanks again! Willow...
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    Question for Francine

    Hi Francine! I wanted to ask you about the shoes you are wearing in the pictures linked in your profile. They are little black shoes that look like slip-ons or zip-ups. They look just like what I need as I find normal sneakers too bulky for cardio. Would you mind sharing what kind of shoes...
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    Canadian update

    This was there when I checked at 10 a.m. PST: >Update December 5 >Body Blast DVDs are here. We're shipping! YAY!!!! :D --------------------------------------- Non-smoker since June 02/02!!
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    "Loudness" of Step Company step?

    RE: I find mine a little bit loud, honestly. I wouldn't notice it at all except that I also live in an apartment and worry about disturbing my neighbours. I put a thick textbook under my step to absorb some of the "squeak" from stepping. This works really well for me, but only because I...