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  1. J

    Butt lifters!

    I'm looking for suggestions as to what exercises (besides squats) are good for lifting the butt and giving it some shape??? Thanks!!!!
  2. J

    Changing Mark Twain

    It's a shame Twain is not here to protect his work. The whole point of those words being used in the book is to illustrate just how wrong and immoral racisim and slavery are, it is SUPPOSED to be change them lessens the effect of the whole story....and it's an insult to Mark...
  3. J

    Injured and soooo depressed

    I also feel your pain....on Dec. 20 I underwent a knee arthroscopy for a meniscus tear repair (luckily only a small tear) but still....I have been confined to walking since I'm hoping to do Basic Step...a few months ago I was doing Imax 2 and today I'm HOPING I can complete Basic...
  4. J

    Extreme Urban Rebounding dvds (13 dvds just filmed)

    I have all of the compilations too but haven't used them in awhile as some of those instructors leave much to be desired......I'm THRILLED with these instructors though!! Can you please keep us posted on a release date?? Thanks!:eek:
  5. J

    Question about Medical Billing

    I think she would be better off taking it at your local community college if they offer an internship as part of the course. All the job ads I've ever seen for that require experience so an internship would help her get real world experience as well as make contacts for job opportunities. Lots...
  6. J

    Customer service compliment

    I too have always had prompt and courteous replies from CS!!! Two thumbs up!!! :D
  7. J

    Turning 30

    Me too! I'm turning 44 next month and I would give anything to be turning 30 again!! :eek:
  8. J

    Always Tired

    I'd like to 2nd that request. I am also looking to reevaulate my eating habits...I have a knee arthroscopy coming up on Dec. 20 for a small tear in the meniscus and I'd like to be as healthy as possible for that so I'll recover quickly and can get back to working out!! :eek:
  9. J

    Always Tired

    Wow, this looks great! Thanks!!
  10. J

    Always Tired

    Elsie, Would you be willing to share your green smoothie recipe? I have been wanting try incorporating one into my eating routine (I hate the word "diet") but there are so many different versions out a fellow Catheite, I'd like to try yours! :eek:
  11. J

    Already got my new Cathe's DVD today

    I got mine in AZ today too!!! Fastest delivery in the west??!! :eek: Thank you Cathe and staff!!! :D
  12. J

    So frustrated

    Maybe this will help: Also, Cathe posted a few months ago that the scale fluctuates as much as 4 pounds a day for her as well (although I can't find that post, maybe someone else can).
  13. J

    Preorders and presales

    They are not available at Collage and the people who preordered have always gotten them first and always will. If Collage is advertising them as available then that's a mistake on their part. If you go to their website, they are listed as "Coming Soon. Available for preorder. Approximate...
  14. J

    Preorders and presales

    I second everything Linda said! I've been irked to no end by all the complaining in the past :rolleyes: I just don't get it...if you don't want to wait then don't preorder,it's pretty simple.There will ALWAYS be unexpected delays of some sort, it's just part of life and business. I work for a...
  15. J

    November 19--A Good Day!

    I don't have kids and I LOVE Harry Potter!!! :p And Cathe too, of course :eek:
  16. J

    a good reminder to get your yearly mammogram

    Christina, I'm so glad it was detected early!!! I will be thinking of you on the 4th. I don't actually need to remember to get my mammogram as the imaging center sends me a little reminder postcard every year, which is nice....cuz I probably wouldn't remember!! :p Also, my GYN always...
  17. J

    Are the new workouts shipped?

    Collage doesn't have the new workouts-they can't :D Cathe just posted yesterday that the masters have been sent to Sony for replication and they are hoping to have them back in 2-3 weeks. ETA: Sorry, it wasn't a post, it was in the newsletter sent out yesterday: As we mentioned last week all...
  18. J

    Glee GQ pics...

    Tonight is a rerun.
  19. J

    Glee GQ pics...

    Appropriate for who? It's GQ--a magazine for adults, men in particular. In that context, yes they are appropriate for THAT magazine. I wouldn't expect to see this pics printed in 17 or People. They are definitely risque, to say the least. Lea Michele probably feels some pressure to show people...
  20. J

    Single and happy... what's WRONG with that?!?

    I don't understand why women are made to feel they're incomplete just b/c they don't follow the traditional path in life. It's kind of insulting, but it's also kind of sad--how do the critics know THEY'RE not missing out on the best lifestyle ever? I think Laura just said it all in a...