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    Can't access Cathe Live - Subscription only terminates on June 9th

    Hi, Yesterday I tried to access Cathe Live and to my surprise, I couldn't. I purchased my 1 month subscription on May 9th, so I should get access until June 9th. I also checked the app and it said I'm not suscribed!!! Can you please check this? It's not correct to cut-off access before the...
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    Announcing My Next Workout Series

    Hi Cathe, Can you please confirm if there will be any squats or lunges on these workouts? I can’t do them anymore…
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    New Workouts!!!!

    Mine can’t handle them anymore as well
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    New Workouts!!!!

    Hoping that the lower body exercises don’t have lunges or squats
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    Extra Long Boss Bands - Because Not Everyone Is The Same Height As Cathe!

    Can you please confirm if the site is calculating the shipping correctly? The bands are not a heavy item to ship but the site is charging me for shipping 34€ when the item itself is 23€. At the end the total amount I would have to pay for the bands would be over 75€...
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    Extra Long Boss Bands - Because Not Everyone Is The Same Height As Cathe!

    When can the International customers be able to buy these? Today I added these bands to my shopping cart and almost got a heart attack when the shipping charges cost more than the item itself plus VAT and duty….:rolleyes:
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    December 2021 Rotation

    Thanks Cathe! I have become addicted to these and I have been checking the page several times today to see if you have posted this month’s rotation, so thank! Let’s start burning some serious calories tomorrow with Imax 3
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    Monthly Rotations on Workout Manager

    @[email protected] Thanks for raising this. I use the WM to follow my rotations so I would also like to know. Thanks Marta
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    October 2021 Rotation

    Hi Cathe, can you please add this rotation to the Workout Manager? thanks! Marta
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    UPS Duties and Taxes Calculation

    Hi, I did what you said and for this orderof 53.64 EUR, The VAT and Duties are 45.40€: While on the Portuguese Postal Service Simulator, using that same amount of 54.64€, I was given a total of 27,10€ So, I think the problem is the UPS calculation. While these type of amounts continue to...
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    UPS Duties and Taxes Calculation

    the 43€ is from your checkout page. The Total order was 52,62 USD with free shipping, which converted to the 49€ subject to VAT and Duties.
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    UPS Duties and Taxes Calculation

    Our Portuguese Postal service has a tool to simulate all the taxes we would pay. I used the same item code that customs used for some fitness equipment I bought last year and simply inserted the amount of the purchase in Euros. The VAT would be 14,26 Euros and there is a tax we have to pay each...
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    UPS Duties and Taxes Calculation

    Hi, I was simulating the purchase of some fitness accessories with the total amount being above 50 USD to get free-shipping and the amount I get from UPS is almost the double I get from a simulation on my national post office. While UPS wants to charge me 43,30 €, the simulation I get from the...
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    Any other non-U.S customers still patiently waiting?

    Hi Elsie, I live in Portugal and I only received them last Thursday. I also agree that with USPS the package arrived quicker that UPS and I also think that international customers should be able to choose UPS or USPS. Hope you get ours soon! Marta
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    Cathe Labor Day Sale

    Hi, Is there a problem with the checkout page? I click on "proceed to checkout" and nothing happens Thanks Marta
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    August 19, 2021

    And I would really like another cycling express live so that I can alternate with the other live cycling express
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    August 19, 2021

    Me too! As Cathe mentioned they are great add-ons. And I’m adding them after Upper Body weight work ;).
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    July 2021 Rotation

    Hi Cathe, First of all I want to thank you for creating these monthly rotations for us. I’m following this rotation and I’m on week 3 and normally whenever possible, I substitute the workout for a Cathe Live one, but on this one I decided the keep the workouts scheduled as is as I wanted to...
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    June 24, 2021

    Hi Cathe, I did this one on Saturday and I went up the weights a little bit and I was sore on Sunday and just like Gratefuldog my quads were also talking to me and they still are today ;) Marta