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    Recommended men's night time running cold weather apparel for men

    Good morning, Question for running in the dark runners. I'm looking for cold weather long sleeve high visibility or reflective shirts for my husband for when he runs. Any recommendation? I was looking into the construction and outdoor workers reflective t'shirts. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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    Does anyone own a 2011 128i BMW coupe

    Thanks you so much! My son also works part time and attending college. Again thank you!
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    Does anyone own a 2011 128i BMW coupe

    Hello, I'm trying to find out if any who own this cars have had any major problems and if you recommend this car. My 19 year old son is bent on purchasing this car but we are somewhat against it, simply because it could turn out to be very costly to maintain or repair any major problems that...
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    Providing care for a toddler with down syndrome

    I will be having an interview today to care for a toddler with down syndrome. It took me by surprise because it wasn't mention till the appointment was confirm, yesterday. I'm a little nervous as I have never cared for a child with special needs and have no special training. I have been a...
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    kitchen scale with calorie counter

    Hello, Looking for a kitchen scale with calorie counter for a gift for someone who is constantly counting calories in thr head. Any recommendation? Lulu
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    Thank you!
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    Hello, My flexibility has really been affecting my workout...Witch of this two DVD'S would you recommend for flexibility? Hope you can help! Lulu
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    Any chance FIT SPLIT will arrive in time for Christmas?
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    cross trainers/cross fit shoes

    Hi there! My son mainly does insanity type workouts with some running and free weights in the mix. What is the difference between cross trainers and cross fit shoes...would one be better suited for the type of workout he likes to do? Thank you in advance! Lourdes (Lulu)
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    Found condonms in my 17 year old sons backpack (advise)

    Hello, I occasionally search through my kids drawers, cars, backpacks, etc... This morning as I was checking my 17 year old sons backpack I found a box of condoms. He has been dating hs girlfriend for over a year now, but she's only 16. Should I confront him or ignore the
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    Vitamin D3 (how much)

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows how much vitamin D is safe to take per day? I've always been someone who avoids the sun at all cost and when I do go outside I'm constantly replying sun screen. During the winter months when I don't go out much at all I feel very down and feel like my eye...
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    vitamin for women over 40

    Hi! Any vitamin recommendation for women in there mid 40's? I'm looking one total vitamin that will target everything, rather than taking multiple vitamins. Thank you! Lulu
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    grocers with the best carrot cake

    Hello, My twins will be turning 17, and they requested a carrot cake. Does anyone know witch grocerie store makes a decent birthday carrot cake?
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    Ice rotation question

    Hi, Is it ok to do Chiseled lower blast/muscle meltdown shoulder and then the next day do bootcamp circuit + muscle meltdown biceps..or do I need some recovery in between those 2 workouts?
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    ICE rotations

    Great idea...thank you!! :)
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    ICE rotations

    Thank you!
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    ICE rotations

    Hello, I will be completing Ice/Xtrain rotation on Saturday. I'm interested in doing all the other rotations, specially the level 3 rotation. My problem is that i only workout Monday-Saturday, with Sundays being my off days. How can I do all the other rotations that incorporate Sunday workouts...
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    I'm in my best shape ever, but...

    Hi, I'm in my best shape ever, but it so disappointed to see photos and I just don't look as lean as I did when I was in my early 20's, 30, and even early 40's. I'm 47 soon to be 48. When I look at myself in the mirror I look lean and tone, but when I look at my pictures I look short, stumpy...
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    Cathe Cycling DVD recomendation

    Hi, The company my husband works for was bought out by another company and had to get rid of the exercise equipment they had in the gym. I've been wanting to get a spinning bike for ever, but it just wasn't in my budget. My husband was able to purchase a Schwinn spinning bike in perfect...