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    Cathe DVD's And Heartrate?

    If you take certain blood pressure medicines, your heart rate will not be an accurate measure of your activity level. For example, a person on a beta blocker (Toprol, Coreg, etc) may have heart rates that never exceed 100, no matter how hard they work out. Becky
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    Personal Question

    Could you be pregnant? Sometimes women spot the embryo implants in their uterus.
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    Recovering from an appendectomy

    The third day after the surgery the water weight begins to disappear. I would wait until your appointment to have your staples/sutures taken out and ask the surgeon what he/she thinks regarding your working out. Everyone is different and your doc will be able to tell your progress. If...
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    If you use botox: something to think about (FYI)

    Botox isn't just for vanity. It is used in many areas of medicine to relax muscles, including the upper GI tract and, as one previous poster mentioned, to curb excessive sweating. There are other uses as well.
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    Another Spears baby...

    As soon as I heard this, I started thinking again about how sex ed should be taught in schools. Here in Escambia county Florida, only abstinence is taught. No condoms, no birth control, no nothing. It is a farce! Kids are hitting puberty earlier and their hormones are raging. Sex will...
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    Who gets one???

    I am getting one...I have to...the school requires it. I am a medical student and as such get exposed to absolutely EVERYTHING. Becky
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    How old are you?

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    KK's September Check In

    Hi ladies. I have decided to do Cathe's September rotation. Monday I did HSTA and yesterday I did KPC. Tonight I am going to do HSC. Hope all is well. Must go get ready for work. Becky
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    KK's August Check In

    Hi ladies. I am really bad at getting back into the hang of posting. :) I have been doing time on the treadmill trying to get back to where I was. I think today after work I am going to do some weight work. Maybe PowerHour. Depending on what Cathe posts for Sept rotation, I may do that...
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    what does everyone "do?"

    RE: what does everyone I am a 3rd year medical student...May 2009 I'll be an MD. My goal is to specialize in urology. I love surgery, kidneys are my favorite organ, and we have an almost complete deficit of female urologists. Gonna fix that! Becky
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    KK's August Check In

    Hi ladies. Glad everyone is doing well. I did another Timesaver workout today. The 2nd one. Today I got to sew up a bladder! Fun stuff. Gotta study. Becky
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    KK's August Check In

    Hi ladies! I'm Back! Sorry I have been gone so long. I had boards then tons of company and then my general surgery rotation. That basically meant I slept probably 5 hours in 3 months (exaggeration, but still it was really crazy). Boards went great. My score was wonderful. All doors...
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    KK's June Check In

    Hi ladies! I just finished day 2 of a 3 day orientation to my clinical years. I have done pretty good this week doing the workouts on the Timesaver DVD. I start surgery Monday. The first day begins at 7 am, but all following days will begin at 4:30 am. I am going to attempt to follow...
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    KK's June Check In

    Hi ladies. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. We have had way too much company. I will never again book us for a solid 3 weeks. I haven't had enough "Becky time" and I want to explode!!! I have been getting workouts in, but they have pretty much stayed under an hour. It is weird, but I...
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    Blender suggestions please

    Do NOT get a kitchenaid blender. They stink at smoothies/slushy drinks. Actually, it doesn't do a good job w/ anything.
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    KK's June Check In

    Good afternoon ladies. I took Friday off as a rest day. I think I will continue w/ Fridays as rest days, especially during surgery rotation since Sunday is the only day I have I can get a super good workout in on that day. I did Low Max today. It is amazing how 1 month away...
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    KK's June Check In

    Good evening ladies. Today I did BM2 Cardio & Weights premix. Good stuff. Karen, I guess you are enjoying CTX? I think I will use that along w/ the Timesaver DVD and the treadmill during my surgery rotation. Well, I gained 4-5 lbs over the past month and a half w/ my shorter workouts...
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    KK's June Check In

    Hi ladies. Wow...I had forgotten how to relax! We had company in all weekend and the last of them left today. Since our house was full, I couldn't really get a Cathe workout in, but I did manage to go for a run each day, including today. Tomorrow I plan on doing something of Cathe's w/...
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    KK's June Check In

    Hi ladies! My test was yesterday. I got up early and did a quick and fast 25 minutes on the treadmill to run out some nerves. I think it went really well. I am sure I I just want to know the score! I won't know for around 6 weeks. :( I think I am going to do stretching/abs...
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    KK's June Check In

    Sorry I haven't checked in lately. I've been studying like a madwoman. Tomorrow is my exam. Send me well-wishes between 10am-6pm central time! Pretty soon it will be over. -Becky