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    November 2015

    Do I need to download tapatalk to be able to download this rotation to the workout manager?
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    Name that song

    Thanks Taterkc. I am not familiar with his music but that is a nice song for my iPod.
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    Name that song

    It is at time marker 41 mins. Thanks again
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    Name that song

    Hi Cathletes . Does any know the song towards the end of rock out knockout about you and me together and then a rap segment at the end of the song? Thanks
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    Flickr photos

    Hi, Can someone please give me instructions on downloading some of the Chicago road trips photos unto my IPad. Thanks Judy
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    Thank you Cathe

    Cathe, Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Never has working out so hard felt sooo....good. You are just as beautiful externally as you are internally. I met some wonderful people and I am looking foreward to another road trip in the future. Judy
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    Late checking

    Thank you for answering. I was getting nervous that I might be wandering like a lost soul. I have never done anything like this, but I can tell that I will be very comfortable. Judy
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    Late checking

    Late arrival Since I will be arriving late and will not be a part of the meet and greet, will there be any information left at the front desk. Or will Cathe be posting information a few days before the road trip. Judy
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    Late checking

    I will not be able to check-in until 4:30 pm on Friday. Will that be a problem. Assuming I will be one of lucky registrants. Judy
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    December 1969?

    December 1969 Can someone please advise us as to what Browser version we need. Judy
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    MJ's memorial

    Actually he raised more money than anyone else for charity. He also supposedly left 20% of his estate for various charities. That being said I also have issues with his child molestation charges. Something improper happened. But other than the first child, the parents shared as much of the blame...
  12. J

    Barack Obama is President of the United States of America

    Isreal is screwed My Jewish friend would like to know why he should be nervous and why is Isreal screwed. He wants details and an outline. Judy
  13. J

    What stores sell Cathes Fitness Line

    I honestly hate going into the store. I mumble obscenetes every time I walk in there. I will have to find another brand of water that I like as much. My boss thinks that they are trying to tell their employees whom to vote for. I had no idea that the company was this bad.
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    What stores sell Cathes Fitness Line

    What is it about Walmart's practices that turns you off? I only go there to buy the Sam's club brand of water, so I don't shop there that often
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    I moved this thread from Ask Cathe

    Thank you Amy. I just googled the word and got the definition. I actually was not familiar with the incident until today. And I will also read up more on the oroginal qoute by Alice Walker. There was also a paragraph from Mr Howard. " I have learned from this situation. I used tho think it...
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    I moved this thread from Ask Cathe

    As someone from the Carribbean, I never use the term African-American. My neice was jsut visiting from Paris for the very first time and for three weeks she was an African_American? just because she is dark skinned? Ridiculous. That being said the replies to the post are angry and full of...
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    Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

    Brenda, I hope you have a speedy recovery.
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    ace vs issa certification

    Hi Gang: My son is currnetly taking personal training classes at the local junior college. The problem is he doses not know which test to take. He thinks that the ISSA will be easier, but the package is $500 includng the book. Can he take just the test portion without paying for all...
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    The Pre-Order link is now working

    RE: Judy... Thank you Jordan for the direct link. It really did help. My family probably think that I am nuts for spending the better part of the morning trying to order workout Dvd,s. I took them to see Nancy Drew for compensation.
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    The Pre-Order link is now working

    Ok, I have not yet received an e-mail and I canot find the link on the home page. When I tried to sign up for email updates, I am told that I am already on the list. I have been checking since 7:30 am. Please make the link more visible or direct me. Thank You