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    I don't know, I was really excited to see this movie--and almost felt like I was rekindling a Shawn Cassidy-like crush for Edward--sick--I'm too old for that! But when I saw it, I just couldn't get past all of the cheesey dialogue. It reminded me, a little bit, of the Star Wars prequels--with...
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    Best dvd/routines for improving tennis footwork

    Definitely agree with both previous posts. I am a former tennis player, and I was just thinking while doing the 4 day split- bootcamp section that it is very reminiscent of the sprint work that I once had to do at the end of tennis team practices. There are suicides in it and lots of side step...
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    Hair dressers/Stylists HELP!!!

    Hey, I don't think vinegar will help much with any of those oils that are in the hair. Vinegar is a weak acid and it will work on hard water residue because these are actually salts such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. The hydrogen of the vinegar displaces the metal ion of the hard...
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    Anybody you think you can dance?

    Shoot! A friend called me during the last few dances, which included the "no air" couple--maybe they will show a recap tonight. I love this show! My favorite was the couple who did Mia Michael's odd wedding dance! I'm thinking that smearing mascara on one eye is a good look! funny... I wish...
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    Anyone up for a Bay Area GTG?

    Sounds fun! Count me in! Keli
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    I use my Dad's motto--the best way I can help a panhandler is by not becoming one myself. The sad part is these cases are no longer only in the streets, some are brave enough to solicit places of employment. One day while I was checking my mail in the office at work, a woman was talking...
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    So Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? Funny!

    That was great! I sent it to my sister and my brother. My brother and I fight about politics so maybe this will be an ice breaker. keli
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    Wii Fit commercials

    I've seen a couple and I am still trying to figure out how it's different than doing a video for exercise. There must be some amazing cyber action going on. My favorite part of the wii is saying Wheeeeeeeeeee! Keli
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    lifting lite first

    Hi Cathe, I was wondering, when you do weights, for example in the 4 day split, you typically start light with high reps then transition into heavier weights at lower reps. Is there a reason for doing it that way? I have a hunch that it's to warm up the muscle before plowing into the...
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    What shoes are you wearing CURRENTLY? EVERYONE respond

    I have been wearing Brooke's Ariel for the past 5 years! I've had knee surgeries and this shoe is very supportive. Just ordered another pair on sale at which is a pretty cool shopping site! If you type in ZBMemorial you can get an extra 10% off.
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    If you belong to a gym, is it closed today?

    Hi Nancy, The club where I teach is closed today. They have had people complain about the reduced holiday hours and canceled fitness classes, but the problem is that when they have caved to the pressure the club and classes are so weakly populated that the club (supposedly) loses money...
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    How DO you age gracefully?

    Hey Lauramax! I know exactly what you mean. I turned 40 in November last year and I swear the wrinkles are just popping out almost as fast as my adult onset acne! Which for any dermatologists out there, telling your patients that their acne is adult onset acne doesn't make them feel better...
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    Cone day!

    Hi all, yesterday was cone day at Ben and Jerry's and I tried the yellow cake batter ice cream with fudge swirled in--oh my! It was simply delicious! I'm salivating just thinking about it. Happy clean eating!
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    Travel to Australia advice....

    How exciting, and what a great opportunity! I flew into the Narita airport in Japan in 2004. I thought there were plenty of signs and monitors to make it quite manageable, and most people speak English so I think she will be just fine. As for travel rituals--I've learned to never be shy about...
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    Wow, more choices! I will check these out--thanks. When I was considering my Saturn way back in the late 90's I stopped at a Nissan dealer. Unfortunately, at that time the Altima was out of my price range and I bought into the Saturn, no haggle mentality--plus, free doughnuts and picnics...
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    Thanks everyone! I think I am going to hold off until summer to make my purchase (just hope my car is willing to do this) but I really appreciate your advice. I have looked at consumer reports, as someone suggested, and would you believe the Hyundai is rated the highest for a small sedan...
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    Hi, I am looking and doing my homework to buy a new car. I currently drive a Saturn with over 100,000 miles on it and well, it's days are numbered. So...I am considering the following: Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Prius, Mazda 3, Suzuki SX4, Hyundai Elantra and the Subaru Impreza. I've...
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    Confessions of a Binge eater

    I hear ya. I have family coming to visit for Easter and so I foolishly went to the store and bought junk for them--lots of Easter candy. Well, I have been good for the most part, but jelly bellies are evil! I think oh, just a few won't hurt or gee, I wonder what that color tastes like...
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    My movie day Some good movie recommendations

    That makes me feel better, I didn't care for Michael Clayton either. I just felt like an outsider looking in and I couldn't figure it out, I even read the back of the DVD just to get a clue. It made me sleepy, too. I also rented, Gone Baby Gone, which was pretty good--although a little...
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    How many have waited til the last minute to order STS?

    I did, I did! It was hard for me, I filled out all the info and paced around, looked at the blogs, looked at the STS forum, finally I pressed the button and now---well, I guess it's a done deal. I don't know, I am sort of excited, sort of scared, mainly hope I don't set this on the shelf with...