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    Alcohol and teenagers

    Once you've given your child the drink, how could it be off limits? It would appear to me that an adolescent would already see that limit extended by the fact he's had the alcohol and it was his parent that let him have it. I didn't put my head in the sand. I expected experimentation...
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    Is there a shrink in the house??

    Charlotte, I didn't read your post enough to realize you are in a marriage of 24 years so let me continue my story. I divorced my first husband after the 21 years of misery at the point I felt my daughter was ready for it. As a matter of fact, she and I sat down and talked about the...
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    Kat, These two workouts are very different from one another. IMHO, the KickMax combos are easier with less sweat factor than KP&C combos. But, there is a very high intensity, high impact section that will definitely burn those calories. You are literally "in the air for ten minutes"...
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    Getting to know you

    My name is Candi I am 51 years old I have an undergrad in HR and a graduate degree in Psychology I work in Finance at a major Aerospace company in Orlando, Florida I grew up in a rough area of Newark, NJ in a very ethnically Italian home with a lot of Italian food. I love all kinds of...
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    Tell us something shocking about yourself that no one would

    I don't like to wear clothes at home. You can find me walking around nude about 75% of the time. I don't wear panties because I don't like the way they feel. The first time I went scuba diving after my certification a shark swam up to me and we just stared at each other for a couple of...
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    Has anyone else's older parents gotten peculiar???

    Delfin, Your father could be depressed. I did some reading up on depression in older adults and being more and more obstinant is one of the symptoms. You might want to suggest medical attention.
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    Those with small feet...

    Deni, I also wear a a size 5 but my feet are not narrow. I have to order almost all my shoes from the internet these days. I find the Ryka Rhythm II works best for me. I order the 5.5 as they run small.
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    Biggers breasts anyone??

    I love my C+ cups. Wouldn't want my breasts any bigger or any smaller. And, at my age they are still very firm thanks to incline chest work. But, there are many women who just don't like the way they look. I's up to them what they do with their body. It's not up to me to judge.
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    Do you blog?

    IMHO blogging is another facet part self absorbed generation. It's one thing to write in a diary or journal for oneself but it's another thing to think what's going on in your life is so important it's worth advertizing. To me it's another facet of the "REALITY" kick so prevalent these days.
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    rjroubi--I have to ask you . . .

    There are also hormonal issues that come in to play as well as genetics. We are all different...something that gets lost on these boards a lot!
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    Do you think I can do both??

    Janice, Do YOU think you can do both?! You're the one that has to make the comittment.
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    What are symptoms of perimenopause?

    There are many more symptoms. If you do a search on the in internet this will help you. My symptoms were: Periods farther apart weight gain acne waking up frequently during the night major anxiety forgetting words vaginal dryness reduced libido This started for me when I was 41...
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    Dogs and dirt

    A trick that I read about is to put some of the dog's feces into the dug hole and cover it up. Something about they don't like the smell of their own feces. This really worked for us. I was amazed.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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    What are you thankful for???

    -My wonderful DH. I cannot believe I was so lucky to find him. -My daughter who has made me very proud. -My son in law and granddaughter who are both precious. -My job. The company I work for pays me very well and paid for both my degrees. I will also have a good pension (I hope). -The...
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    Do you have Friday off?

    Dear Grumpy, LOL. I find my mother draining. I never realized how negative she was until recently. Chin up, girlfriend. The holidays are temporary.
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    "Are Men Really Necessary?"

    RE: Dave, I hear you. I thought about my post afterward and realized we are more complex than a simple label :o.
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    A Question About Menopause....

    Nancy, It probably went to my email at work. I sent you a pm.
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    A Question About Menopause....

    I'm soon to be 51 and I experienced an out of control libido in the beginning of peri-menopause about age 42. Then, around age 46-47, my libido dropped significantly. My doctor suggested to me it was hormones. For the past year I have been using 2% testosterone cream. I have since...
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    Personality types

    Well, mine hasn't changed. I'm still a good old ENFP or CHAMPION IDEALIST. The Champion Idealists are abstract in thought and speech, cooperative in accomplishing their aims, and informative and extraverted when relating with others. For Champions, nothing occurs which does not have some...