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    Requesting the first week of workout schedule for 1 month and 3 month rotation

    There is an 8 week STS 2.0 rotation listed in the workout manager. It is on the download page, but it doesn't show up in the calendar when downloaded. Might need a few days to work out the kinks.
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    It’s getting closer:):):)

    It's getting closer for sure. I just noticed that the STS 2.0 workouts are listed in the Workout Manager. Won't be long!!
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    Boss Bands icons

    Thank you.
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    Boss Bands icons

    The Boss bands icons don't appear on the workout manager calendar when selected and saved.
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    Cathe Step dvd that has a hitch kick

    I believe it is from the Step Blast or Step Jump Pump workouts in the Body Blast series.
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    Dvd series for older folks?

    Not Cathe. But, I agree with both previous posts. Push/ Pull and Super Sets are good workouts with loads of pre-mixes. The Low Impact series is also excellent. Any of Cathe's workouts can be modified for a beginner. You just have to make the workout work for you. I am over 60 and use all of her...
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    Am I the only one to think this is rude...

    Hope your mom is doing O.K. after her mini stroke. They are scary. My mom has had several strokes and is paralyzed. Your MIL might be feeling a bit of her own vulnerability right now too. Someone who is in her age bracket has suffered a stroke. It might be hitting too close to home. Please...
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    Lean Legs and Abs

    I did this workout for the first time today. I, too, dread leg days. But, I enjoyed this workout. I like the minimal equipment, balance moves and floor exercises. This is a great addition to Cathe's other lower body workouts. The core work is very good too.
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    Total Body Weight Work

    Push Pull and Supersets are both under an hour and have many pre-mixes to add intensity to the workouts. Maximum Intensity Strength is a bit over an hour, but it is a good solid workout. I use them with STS total body and Muscle Max too.
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    Youngest and oldest Cathletes!

    I am 58 and I my first Cathe was MIS on VHS. I still use it regularly. Cathe is the best. I am so glad I found her workouts.
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    Trisets Upper Body Split

    Me too Even though I have been doing Cathe's workouts for years, these new trisets really made me sore. I love it!!
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    Sorry to read that you are not able to golf this year due to ankle injury. That is a bummer. I have been golfing for years. My husband is now retired and we golf together. But, that is a whole other story... I am glad to see more young women taking up the sport. You can play it for a lifetime...
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    Workouts - Weights Only

    4 Day Split would work well for you. It is a versatile DVD to have in your collection. It can be used in a number of ways. I like the weight lifting segments and the 97 minute total body workout is wonderful. I don't think you could go wrong with this one. There are short cardio sections...
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    Who's preparing their garden?

    We have our garden boxes ready to plant. We, too, use organic compost from our homemade bin. We have been enjoying salsa all winter from our peppers and tomatoes. We have never started our own transplants from seed, but maybe some year we will try it. With the prices of produce soaring, I...
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    I did HIIT 30/30 on November 1 and I am doing PUB tonight. I hope to work up the courage to try 40/20 by the weekend. I really enjoy the 30/30.
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    TravelFit thoughts/recommendations for others?

    I agree that Travel Fit can be useful on days when you don't want to use lots of equipment. It gives me a nice little shoulder burn and it moves along quickly. I enjoy it and put it in my rotation frequently.
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    One year with Cathe

    I have been reading the Cathe forums for years while trying to get consistent with exercising. I have struggled with the "all or nothing" mentality my entire life. I have also had a weight issue since I was a child. I would start a diet and exercise program every Monday and by Wednesday I would...
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    sewing advice needed for a kids costume

    For the gold rim around the gem, I would applique a piece of shiny gold fabric. For the gem, I would use stick on velcro or double stick carpet tape. It is pretty strong. For the collar, I would gather a doubled piece of the pink fabric so that it would stand up and stitch it to the dress...
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    what do you think of this sewing machine

    I agree with the poster about trying a machine at a local store. Service after the sale is a big part of buying a sewing machine. Almost every brand has an entry level sewing machine for the beginner. I would try out a few of them before making a purchase. There is nothing that will make you...
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    Vita Mix, anyone?

    I have the juicer you are looking at and my parents have the Vita Mix. I would definitely go with the Vita Mix. I don't use the juicer at all. It is packed in the pantry. The Vita Mix is on their kitchen counter. It is more money, but, well worth the investment.