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    Sorry! Ignore this.... I managed to log myself into an old account I created at some point when I thought my original account wasn't working. I wish I knew how to delete this one. Anyone?
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    I can't help but ask...

    Jonezie, you are a great example of how to post with kindness and tact. You let Alison know that her question had been a recent hot topic here, yet you didn't do so with sarcasm or meanness. I seriously doubt Alison meant any harm with her post, and you addressed her with respect. Thanks...
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    Anyone having Password Problems Please Read

    I have AOL and all of my spam filters are OFF. I still am not getting the password email. :(
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    Important - All Those with Password Problems

    I did Catherine! In fact, I sent a ticket that way, but no response. Thanks for your help. It seems that my old username is just out of luck. I noticed that I am still listed under the members list though.
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    Silly pedicure question

    Hi Nancy! I do my own pedicures also. I do NOT want someone else doing them for me. I want my toenails to look a certain way, and the only way to assure that is to do them myself. (I am also very careful not to let someone else do my pedicure because of the possibility of infection!) I...
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    Important - All Those with Password Problems

    Thank you! I tried this. I cannot get a message to them under the "contact us" link because it won't recognize my email address... the old one OR the new one. How can I ask for help if I am not recognized, even under my new username and email? :(
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    Important - All Those with Password Problems

    I am so frustrated! WHY can I not use my old username? I have re-registered as JeanneMarie56 (instead of JeanneMarie), but I would like to use my old name. I've been here 9 years under that name. PLEASE someone figure this out. Thank you.
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    Hi Annette! I had to re-register too! Bummer!
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    Important - All Those with Password Problems

    I finally just gave up are re-registered. I've been trying for over a week to get back in under my old username. :(