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    Steig Larsson fans

    Laurie R. King--Mary Russell Series Nancy, I just wanted to say, I know exactly what you're feeling! Stieg Larsson is an amazing writer and Lisbeth Salander is unforgettable. I've heard he finished half of the 4th book before he died, and planned for a series of 10 novels total. But those...
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    Running irritations--literally :)

    Silicone personal lubricant. Yes, the S-E-X kind ;) I swore by this stuff on my longer runs (13+ miles). Of course now I'm almost 8 months pregnant and not really logging the miles, but this is by far cheaper than Body Glide. Of course, it may not be what you want to pull out of your bag at a...
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    How long to get positive test result?

    For me, with both my pregnancies, it took me a week after my period was due to get a positve test result. I was using fairly sensitive tests, but not the really sensitive "test 5 days early" kind. I have read that several variables can be in play, when you ovulated, the length of your luteal...
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    Postnatal bleeding... (Caution might be TMI)

    I had this as well, and for me, it was definitely and anal fissure, as well as pretty painful. I had just pushed out a 8 lb. 12 oz. baby w/ no drugs and this seemed worse, LOL! If you weren't nursing you could get a compounded suppository called a, "rectal rocket" ( I swear that's what the...
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    Cry it Out?????

    Hi Dawn, I just wanted to add that my daughter was the exact same way and sometimes we could fool her by putting a thin blanket that I had slept with the night before (that great mommy smell :)) under the crib sheet. And at the same time, DH would warm up the bean sack in the microwave and put...
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    Popcorn suggestions?

    Glass Bowls I just use a large glass microwave safe bowl for my popcorn. Be sure to use a dishtowel and not a lid b/c any condensed steam from the popcorn will cause the popped kernels to stick to each other. This works great and eliminates having to buy papers sacks. Also, if you buy "popcorn"...
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    Office Gift Exchange

    Thanks You guys are right, I think I am probably making a bigger out of this than it is. Probably channeling some nerves into this arena, from the "I haven't told them I've pregnant yet" arena :) Thanks for the moral support!
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    Office Gift Exchange

    Hi Ladies, I need a little personal/professional advice. What's a polite way to saying that you don't want to participate in the office gift exchange? DH and I are expecting our second in the spring (so money is being saved as much as possible), and I only just started working there on a very...
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    Need advice from the cat folks (again)...

    Hi Gayle, If your little man refuses to cover his contributions to the litter box, there's not much any litter can do for the smell, but you can run over and use a scoop to cover it w/ litter yourself and this will greatly cut down on the smell. My three cats have never had an issue when...
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    Anyone have an infant with one eye that pulls inward?

    I was that infant! Lori, I actually had the same issue when I was an baby and my mom said it cleared up on its own through no particular effort of hers (per the doctor's advice). So it may just need a wait and see. Having said that, I would second Kate's advice to check out a chiro with lots...
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    Rounded Belly Gals Aug 2nd

    Congratulations Melanie Awwwww.....double the pink! Congratulations Melanie! Mattea
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    Conventional food as nutritious as organic: study

    Problems with the initial study Just so everyone can keep themselves as informed as they choose ;) Here's an article written by the doctors from The Organic Center taking a look at the study in question.
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    Prego Support July 27-August 3

    :) Thanks Allison! Melanie-I didn't mean to imply your placenta was in a weird place, just that depending on where it is, it can absorb some of those darling little kicks and punches so that you don't feel them so well. Hey, or maybe the sibling thing is starting early and they're...
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    Prego Support July 27-August 3

    Not a preggo....yet :) Hi ladies, DH and I are trying to conceive w/ #2 and I hope to be joining all of you soon, but right now I just check up on you periodically to make myself feel better ;) Melanie--I wanted to add that when I was pregnant w/ DD my placenta was placed along the front...
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    Alarm Clocks

    Thanks! Thanks Jess and Nico for the practical suggestions, what I appreciate most is that they don't require that I go out and purchase anything new :) I'll try both of those approaches during the summer when sleep isn't at such a high premium and see what works. I knew this was the place...
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    Inverted shoulder press in Push Pull

    Inverted Shoulder Press Nan, You might try bringing one foot down off the high step, so that one foot is on the ground and the other is still piked up on the high step. This will make is easier safer for you to try and determine whether this is a mental block or a strength one. And, or lower...
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    Alarm Clocks

    No, not the chubby, cuddly, nursing variety ;) DH is a teacher, and during the school year, when DD was younger, he slept in a separate room, but this summer he has transitioned back into our big bed, something that DD (now almost 15 months), he, and I all love, however, in September he's...
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    I need advice

    So try this... Nancy, I have pretty similar issues with my DH and though he's much better than he used to be (if I really stress that something is MINE I'll be LESS likely to find it gone). Having said that, here's my best advice, invest in something like this...
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    I just wanted to offer that 1) I have tried the nipple shields (for a different breastfeeding problem), and my daughter refused to even nurse with them in place. Also, when using them, the baby can sometimes get less milk, so that's something you may want to keep in mind or check into. 2) The...
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    Hybrid cars?

    DH and I bought a used 2005 Toyota Prius in June of 2007 and have been VERY happy with it. It gets excellent gas mileage (we routinely get over 430 miles per tank of gas, however, in the winter, as with all cars in cold weather you experience reduced gas mileage, but it's still excellent)...