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    Things our kids say!!

    Not a Mom either, but one of my God-daughters age 7, has become quite observant and sceptic. We're strolling through the mall: Me: Look there's Santa. Have you taken your pictures with him this year yet? GD: Nope, because I don't think these mall guys are the real Santa. A Me: (Uh-oh)...
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    Where can I find a great deal on P90X?

    I caught it when they were offering free shipping with the $99. So...even though I vowed never to order from them because of a problem I had, I caved. I never could find an ebay offer that contained the guides. I hated caving, but my goodness, this is such a great package, I'm forgiving...
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    How many shoes are abandoned in your closet?

    Hey, they are not abandoned...all the others are keeping them company. I have to admit I voted 15+. But I've been really good lately. I haven't purchased shoes in over a month.
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    Since clips are up of Drill Max & Low Impact is anyone going to....

    You know I dreamed that I my laptop up to my TV and did an abreviated version Drillmax from the clip. Is that obsessing or what? I've gotta stop watching the clips, they are making me ansty. :D Our internet access here at work was down for about an hour today and I was thinking about going...
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    About the New Cathe Player

    Thanks for all the hard work SNM. I loooove the new player. I noticed some hesitation while watching at work on the compnay network(hmmmm...probably should have been working anyway). However, now that I'm home, the video is a lot smoother. Any number of factors could influnce how the video...
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    Drill Max!!

    I am digging the core pushups! I still can only do about 5 or 6 pushups on my toes, so I'm guessing it'll be a while be fore I get these under my belt. The triceps dips on the ball scare me x( I see my ball getting away from me. Just curious, how many times have you watched this...
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    Need help with 80s costume

    Neon. You must included something neon pink, orange or green in your outfit. (=My dad hated when I used to wear this neon orange jersy knit dresss. If I still had it and could still wear it, I'd show up on his birthday wearing it just to get under his skin ;)
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    What's in your purse?

    Pocket PC phone Wallet, credit cards, id, bills Checkbook Luna Nutz over Chocolate Bar Keys Lipstick Lipliner Eyeliner Tampons Blood pressure meds gas pills Portable Thumb drive Mini screwdriver kit Universal Boot CD 2 Pagers Coupons: New York & Company $25 off $75 Borders...
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    I just got a programmable DVD changer!!!!

    Thanks A-Jock. I've had your list for a while now. I tried the mish-moshes with a single disc player and also with 2 single disc players. That didn't work too well. I'm planning to do this one today. THEME AND VARIATION MISH-MOSH: High Step CHALLENGE cardio-only segments...
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    I just got a programmable DVD changer!!!!

    I can't believe my luck. A friend was looking to get rid of it and asked if I still wanted a DVD changer. He said he almost didn't ask me because it's an older model and he knows I'm into new high tech stuff. Well I get it hooked up and start playing with it....and discover it's programmable...
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    P90X membership and coupons?

    I don't know if you guys saw this or not...but beachbody is now offering free shipping and handling until Monday on P90X. (Plus it looks like you still get the express shipping for free too.) It wasn't that way yesterday.
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    Drug and Alcohol addicted family members (long)

    Hi Janice. {{{{{BIG HUGS}}}} I understand what you're. I've been and am still there with family members that have been addicted to drugs. You love them and want them well...on the other hand you don't want to be an you blame yourself for not doing enough or doing too much...
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    Another school shooting

    They canceled in exchanged for airtime on a national radio show. This is just sickening.
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    New workout, where one exerciser will be using a bosu

    Thanks Tonya. That was it. I though I was losing what is left of my mind. :)
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    New workout, where one exerciser will be using a bosu

    Does anyone remember reading about a new workout DVD where one of the modifiers would be using the bosu? For the life of me I can't remember where I read it or whose workout it may have been or even what kind of workout it was (sad, I know). Maybe I didn't actually see this...could just be...
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    New workout, where one exerciser will be using a bosu

    Sorry should have posted this in the open forum. Please check there for this question.
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    Have you guys seen this new stability ball?

    The Bosu DSL is $59.95 plus shipping. I got my Reebook one from Target for under $30.
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    Have you guys seen this new stability ball?

    Hey Laura, I found something on youtube a while back, but it doesn't really give you any indication on how this different from any other stability ball. I have the Rebook with stand in it that Evie mentioned because I got tired of my ball...
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    Women can be so mean to other women.

    The more in shape I get, the more negative feed back I get from female friends (and I use the term friends lightly.) I have never had lots of female friends, because for whatever reason, women tend to keep mess going. I'd hoped as I got older, things would change, but it seems that women...
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    Any depressed Spinach eaters?

    I have been eating Romaine Lettuce salads and closing my eyes and pretending it's spinach. ;( A lot of our other mixed greens have disappeared from the shelf because the stores don't feel like dealing with whether or not spinach is in the mix or not. I may just take a hiatus from...