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    Update on ffmpeg Error

    Thanks for the reply. I made the decision to just get the downloads sacrificing the DVD premixes since I can use the Blender. Can't wait for the time we can all share our "mixes".
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    Update on ffmpeg Error

    Hello, This problem was reported last December and was said a fix would be in the next update...just downloaded today and still get the error. Any idea when the update will be available? Thanks,
  3. J

    Number one feature

    What I really want is to have a workout card a la STS for all of the Cathe workouts. I have created my own for 4 Day Split and it took a while because I had to watch the entire workout set to get the exercises and rep counts. One or more of the following features: Give users the ability to...
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    2 Ways No Integration

    I was excited to here that WM now has a free food diary. Problem is its not integrated with the existing WM features. Correct me if I am wrong but it looks like FatSecret is embedded but not integrated. So I can track exercise in the regular WM calendar OR food and exercise in the fat secret...
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    Calories Consumed Not Updated

    I don't see a Save button in the food diary. It saves when I click Add. That is the only item labeled "Calories Consumed" that I see. I haven't used it long though. I assumed that the Calories Consumed would automatically populate from the Total Calories column in the food diary. I see...
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    Calories Consumed Not Updated

    I've entered what I ate in my food diary and Calories Consumed still reads 0.
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    Anyone with an iMac and Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 Have Workout Blender Working?

    Does anyone with an iMac and Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 Have Workout Blender Working with the latest update? Informal Poll: Please reply Yeah or Neah.
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    workout blender installled but I can't drag my videos in

    Yes several people with iMac OS 10.5.8 have same problem. its been there since the first version... still waiting for a fix... I had it working after fiddling for quite a while but it broke again when I downloaded the newest verison.
  9. J

    Error ffmpeg

    I get the same error. iMac same OS Version.
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    Workout Blender Still Not Working: Error = The application ffmpeg quit unexpectedly

    I installed the update to Workout Blender and the Import of a video never completed. I followed the instructions to remove the files and reinstall and reboot and now I see a new problem. An popup dialog with the error The application ffmpeg quit unexpectedly. Note that I saw the same error...
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    Nutrition Software Update?

    I would be interested also. I have not bought a subscription as I require access via the Ipad and/or Iphone. Don't own a laptop and must be mobile.
  12. J

    Import Never Completes - Mac OS X

    I downloaded and installed the updates following the instructions. I had the same problem as last time. Imports never complete... I was using the new workouts, freshly downloaded. It would be nice to see this problem fixed since it was there since the first release...
  13. J

    I don't think I ever got a coupon code?

    I got it in a separate email: From: [email protected] Subject: Your Cathe Pre-Sale Download Coupon
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    My Videos Aren't Importing Either—Need Help Thanks!

    I was also under the impression that WB and Cathe videos go hand in hand. Everything on the web-site and promos leads you to believe this. Cut and Pasted directly from the the Workout Blender page moments ago: Create PreMixes From Any Video The Workout Blender makes it possible to...
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    Error after each import: The application ffmeg quit unexpectely

    Problem Details: Process: ffmpeg [1106] Path: /Applications/Workout Identifier: ffmpeg Version: ??? (???) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: Workout Blender [303] Interval Since Last...
  16. J

    Import Never Completes - Mac OS X

    Success! I decided to give it one more try. This time I restarted the computer after un-installing and restarted again after re-installing. From memory here are the steps and order: Deleted the Workout Blender Files and Videos folders. Deleted the Cathe folder in library/Preferences...
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    Import Never Completes - Mac OS X

    I have tried the suggestions to delete the workout blender files / movies folders and the Cathe Folder. I have emptied the trash, re-started, uninstalled, re-installed, to no avail. -- iMac - Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.16 GHz, 1 GB Mac OS X 10.5.8
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    Ipod or Portable harddrive for downloads?

    No, how you "play" the workouts is independent from how you create them. Workout Blender runs on your computer and creates workouts. Once you have created them they are just files the same as the ones you download. You can play them anywhere Cathe downloads are supported.
  19. J

    Ipod or Portable harddrive for downloads?

    From what I have read Workout Blender is just a desktop application that creates workouts. It will spit them out into a file. How and where you play your files is irrelevant to how you get the files: downloaded or created by workout blender or ripped from a dvd. What matters is that the...
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    Cable to go from ipod to TV?

    I originally bought a non-Apple cable. It worked for the Video iPod fine but then we upgraded to iPod touch and iPhones so the cable does not work and had to buy an Apple cable anyways. Something to consider...the money might go further if you stick with Apple.