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  1. delfin

    Pyramid Upper Body 2

    I just "rediscovered" Pyramid Upper Body 1. would love to do a "2!"
  2. delfin

    Your favorite Cathe Workout?

    Me, too... especially the "Heart" song section.
  3. delfin

    Is Yoga a complete workout to you?

    I don't consider yoga a workout... it's in another category altogether ; )
  4. delfin

    ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast

    I've been doing Cathe's workouts for a long time now... since VHS days. I'm delighted that she's come out with an intermediate level series. I did the Lower Body Blast this morning, and in the words of Goldilocks, this was "just right" for me. I was challenged, yet so appreciated the little...
  5. delfin

    Yoga and wrist pain

    From anatomy guru Leslie Kaminoff, a hands-free warrior sequence:
  6. delfin

    December 17, 2015

    This class was just what I was hoping for today... great all around toning, and I felt like I got some cardio too. Nice to see pullovers as well... been a while since I've done those. Looking forward to donning elf ears next week! ; )
  7. delfin

    iPad2 and Apple Digital AV cable

    My setup exactly.... love the ease! No issues whatsoever.
  8. delfin

    Video Clip of Strong Upper Body With Core

    I just finished this one.... wow! This will be my new go-to when I want to do all upper body in one workout... and I particularly liked all the standing core work, really felt it. Thanks, Cathe!
  9. delfin

    Does anyone eat bagels anymore?

    NY'er here, too.... weekends=bagels...sesame, poppy, cinnamon raisin, and the "everything!"
  10. delfin

    Thursday Sept 11 live class

    I am so loving the Cathe On Demand and Cathe Live service.... I did this workout this morning, and it was great. Fun kickboxing with cardio and then finishing with the barre work... Cathe is such a pro... this one goes in my favorites.
  11. delfin

    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    * waving hello! *
  12. delfin

    Rockout Knockout

    Loved this one, too... wow, did I work up a good sweat and felt like I got a great upper body workout. Kudos to Cathe for this one.
  13. delfin

    Party Rockin Step 1 - Cathe is brilliant!

    This dvd is a GIFT! Not many instructors are doing fun, choreographed step workouts anymore... so a huge thank you to Cathe for this one! Things at home are difficult right now, and this workout immediately put a smile on my face and I just felt so great doing it. Love it.
  14. delfin

    Full sit ups back in style?

    I've noticed that on a few of my newest fitness dvds the full sit up is back! I felt like this move was a no-no for so long... hence the "crunch." Why the change in view I wonder? Just pondering...
  15. delfin

    Hard Strikes hurts my knees!

    This was a knee-killer for me as well... a figured out pretty early in the workout that I needed to heavily modify, which I did. Instead of scissors, I did slow lunge backs, which helped, and also those knee reach-pulls instead of all the jumping rope. I also then added a 10 minute incline...
  16. delfin


    I've not been on these forums in a long time... but decided to check it out today, saw this post... and had to say Happy Birthday!! I turned 50 last October, and by sticking with my Cathe and other video workouts, and of course, my yoga practice, I've never felt better. Enjoy your 50's!
  17. delfin

    does anyone have this?

    potato chips!
  18. delfin

    Let's talk BRAZILIAN Waxing....anyone?

    I've never had one. A friend of mine had the brazilian done, and the lady who was doing it told her, "It's for the mens." ;-)
  19. delfin

    Frustrated with potty training.

    He's got to "go" eventually. Let him know the potty is there when he needs it, then relax. He'll be trained soon enough.... and before you know it he'll be in High School!!! It sure does go fast.
  20. delfin

    I got someone arrested....(long)

    I like the idea of involving the media. You'd be raising the issue of animal welfare, and maybe the response from the local community will help in getting this creep the maximum jail time. Plus, it would give you a good way to help get back some of the money you've shelled out... and us an...