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  1. Panariqua

    Great Daytona Turn Out So Far

    Last minute cancel :-( family emergency. Hope everyone has a great time can't wait to see pics! I hope to make the next local RT in Glasboro, NJ and meet you cathlete's there! Have fun!
  2. Panariqua

    Great Daytona Turn Out So Far

    Hi Kimberly! I'm coming from New York. Thanks for the reply:-) I'm going to check out one of her step DVDs you suggested to get a little comfy with it I'm soooo bad with following in step classes, tried them a handful of times and I'm always "that one" facing the back while everyone is facing...
  3. Panariqua

    Great Daytona Turn Out So Far

    Hi guys!! This will be my first RT & I'm freaking out! Lol! I'm soooo anxious and excited! Looking forward to meeting you gals and having a great time! I hope I can keep up as well, I'm not big into step classes.... Does anyone know if she'll be doing one and if so.... How difficult will it be...
  4. Panariqua

    Thank you Cathe!! I am now a figure competitor!!

    Wow! Absolutely amazing!! Great job! Sent from my iPhone using CatheForum
  5. Panariqua

    Cathe Barbell- like the old Firm one

    I just bought the same barbell off of someone and wasn't sure of the exact weight of it. I absolutely love it and really lucked out buying it from someone because I couldn't find one anywhere! Sent from my iPhone using CatheForum
  6. Panariqua

    New to Cathe Workouts...

    Hi everyone! I'm also new to Cathe and am so excited and anxious to try as many of her workouts as possible! So far I have done the MMA KICKBOX DVD and absolutely LOVE IT! I have been reading a lot of your comments and discussions on this forum and you guys really motivate me! Natasha Sent...