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  1. ldy_solana

    World's fattest mom WTH?

    i gotta say if you have to sit down to do dishes(second photo) then you are not healthy and do not have ability to move around well. i have to run a kitchen for my paying job and run a household for my non paycheck job. even when i put on 5 extra lbs its hard to have the energy and the mobility...
  2. ldy_solana

    World's fattest mom WTH?

    oh i agree but i can only hope when she does want disability check that the state will refer to this article and tell she is SOL and maybe take the kid away. i have pretty harsh thoughts about her on the subject but i didn't want to be flamed so i just left it that i can't judge her ;) kassia
  3. ldy_solana

    Top 3 Cathe workouts

    just gonna have to shoot me b/c i can't pick just three LOL kassia
  4. ldy_solana

    what is your favorite Cathe warmup segment?

    the one that stands out to me is kick max. i like that its longer but the moves themselves really stretch me out without doing much stretching. i haven't done some of them in a while so the warm ups are a blur but i use kick max warm up on its own for some workouts i do on my...
  5. ldy_solana

    best music?

    while for the most part i like all the music(i can never recall a cathe workout where i say "that sucks" other then that alright now song in the shock cardio warm up). but my absolute favs are from intensity series and the no name series. kassia
  6. ldy_solana

    I got pinched!!

    we had to wear our ugly bright 80's green work shirts. then after the gym i wore my black tee with the shamrock of irish flag colors and my everlast gym pants with the same color stripes down the side. i was not only rockin' green but rockin' the overall irish flag colors LOL. one lifeguard at...
  7. ldy_solana

    Great quote from Oxygen Magazine!!!

    ITA-helping others changes your perspective on your wants. kassia
  8. ldy_solana

    food for thought: More magazine, Are you pushing yourself hard enough?

    i have been using a mini exercise trampoline when i don't want to really jump on the floor. i have read before its good for the bones but for me it burns a heck a lot more calories LOL. so if i save my bones in the process and have fun i am for it,even if i have to modify for safety at times...
  9. ldy_solana

    STS Legs but want leaner not bigger legs

    not cathe but i would still enjoy some HIIT maybe once a week. maybe have it part of your leg workout. i find pylometrics incredible for strength. kassia
  10. ldy_solana

    A thread a couple of days ago got me thinking....

    ditto! i also gotta learn that not everybody is gonna like me so i am just going to have to stop trying to please everybody and be everybody's friend. doesn't give them the right to be rude or disrespectful but they don't have to talk to me or otherwise. kassia
  11. ldy_solana

    World's fattest mom WTH?

    ugh i don't know what to say $750 could pay my mortgage monthly! and how can you be "healthy" when you can barely move. i don't like basing health on person's weight but the ability to move without injury or having to take a break. i hate to break it to her but in my eyes and the eyes of my...
  12. ldy_solana

    Direct TV vs. Dish Network

    i can't offer much advice but i am surprised you are having such a hard time with direct tv. i haven't seen any rate hikes other then with HD packages. now verizon on the other hand(verizon and direct tv are on one bill) keep going up and down on me. i have had the best of luck with direct tv. i...
  13. ldy_solana

    stood up

    wow what a jerk. i wouldn't waste my time even trying with him. seems like he wants to make his issues yours so don't give him that power. i am sure there are plenty of nice men at church you can try to date. don't even answer his texts, just give him the same respect he gives you in that...
  14. ldy_solana

    I'm addicted to House!!

    i LOVE house. i mess a person up that interrupts me on monday nights. also enjoy lie to me. both incredible shows! i admit i love mr. bean but have yet to see the black adder! looks like dh has some renting to do LOL. kassia
  15. ldy_solana

    Have you seen the new Newsweek?

    dorothy i agree that i MAJOR in our schools. kids are so disrespectful and the parents allow it. in fact one parent actually cussed out a principal b/c her daughter got suspended for fighting! this girl beat the crap out of a freshman boy(pounded his face into a locker) and the mother sided with...
  16. ldy_solana

    How important is location to you?

    was just discussing this with dh. i love my house for sure but i am really not loving being a homeowner anymore. i can't complain to anybody about trash around here, rotten misbehaved kids, and believe me the tax breaks weren't all that this year. i love the schools though which is why we moved...
  17. ldy_solana

    Have you seen the new Newsweek?

    YES i agree. i have a special needs child who spends part of her day in a regular class. i have that teacher's number and the special ed teacher's number and i always call with questions of my own or concerns. sometimes DD doesn't bring home homework and i will call to see if there was suppose...
  18. ldy_solana

    You know Spring is near when...

    -you can't see much of the gorgoeus view of the river from the front porch anymore -the heat pump isn't cycling every 10 dang minutes LOL kassia
  19. ldy_solana

    Cory Haim passes

    oh i agree. oh i totally agree. dh finds those commercials more comical(it is but at the same time very very sad) then comedy central. i don't really take anything unless i am really sick. kassia
  20. ldy_solana

    Seriously...About Ice Cream

    homemade bread and pastries. and living near a sunbeam bakery doesn't replace good ol' fashion hot homemade in the oven bread. both grandma and mom used to make bread a lot. kassia