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  1. gettingfitmom

    Does anyone eat bagels anymore?

    I totally agree!!!!!!
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    I am 53 and do notice changes. I can't do jumping jacks...hard on the bladder(if you know what I mean)...can't do plyo moves..too hard on my joints. Try to work out 6 days a week. 3 cardio, 3 weights. Tend to focus more on legs. I just had a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago, no lifting or anything...
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    Anyone else on fence about ordering Ripped w/HiiT?

    I pre-ordered. I can't do all the plyo moves and jumping but I figure I will sub where necessary...
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    Staying fit while recuperating from bunion surgery

    I am recovering from a hysterectomy...10 days out and just did a slow 1/2 mile walk today. I feel great but am listening to Dr's. lifting, running, ab work till my follow-up appointment October 20th. Very hard to follow but at 52 I figure I need the recovery time. Good luck with...
  5. gettingfitmom

    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    Oh my...Let's all agree that Cathe rocks it!
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    Wich one is your goal:

    My goal is just to keep my size I am now. I try to do 3 days weights and 3 days cardio. I don't follow any rotation...just what I feel like doing when I wake up. I tend to favor any leg workout the LIS.
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    Key West

    My husband and I are trailering our Harley to Miami this Thursday and riding to the keys to spend a couple of days in Marathon! I hear it is beautiful but will be hot..bring it on. Have fun when you go.
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    I am scheduling one of these in a few months. Have tried numerous procedures for my heavy periods. I am pron to fibroids, and also have a cyst encasing my left ovary...this is going too. I am almost 53 and am so ready for this!
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    Uterine Fibroid

    about 5 years ago I had the Novasure procedure done (they go in and remove the uterine lining) to try and stop my HEAVY periods. Did not work. Last year I went in for my annual checkup and my doctor say "uh, that's interesting..." I had a fibroid cyst protruding from my uterus into my...
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    Peri menopause

    Did you find this yourself or was it doctor recommended??
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    I have a few of these. Haven't used them in awhile..but they are good, hard at first, but I did get the hang of them...
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    my family loves it!
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    Am I the only one to think this is rude...

    My mother had a mini stroke last week. She is doing well. She had the symptoms but all tests came back clear. Anyway, my MIL lives about 600 yards from me. She just yesterday texted me to see how my mom is doing, a week later, no phone this rude or just me thinking it is?
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    Your Expertise Please - When you have a minute :)

    Can someone get me to the sugar detox thread???? Please? :)
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    100 Workout Legs....thought I'd share this

    Thank You Stacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. gettingfitmom

    100 Workout Legs....thought I'd share this

    Must try...but not sure what a bridge lift is...anyone?????
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    Ohhhh, how I miss Cathe.....

    I do the same! That being said, I haven't run for weeks! :)
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    women under fire for workout

    All of my 3 pregnancies were high risk...all kiddos born early. 1st one 8 wks. early, 2nd 7wks. early, and 3rd one 6 wks. needless to say I did not work out during them. But I would have if I could have. When I asked the Dr. if I could have a 4th, he said I would be on bed rest from...
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    Dyson or Oreck...pros and cons?

    I got it and love it and am horrified by the amount of dirt in the filter!!!!!!
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    Dyson or Oreck...pros and cons?

    thanks for the feedback everyone! I was leaning towards the Dyson...this cinches it!