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  1. backer65

    Met values for Cathe Live workouts?

    That would be fantastic. I've been using the same method that you have, but it would be great to have a MET value from Cathe's perspective.
  2. backer65

    26 days until the Chicago RT

    Can't Wait to See Old Friends and Meet new ones It's gonna be a blast!
  3. backer65

    Determined to use cathe sts to win company transformation challenge

    Good for you; can't wait to hear about progress Bchgrl40, You are going to love STS and you will definitely see the results. I'm going to start 3 month STS oration in mid-December to keep me on track in the new year. Cathe's videos and the wonderful Cathletes have kept me motivated and...
  4. backer65

    FEB 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation

    I finished this rotation about 6 weeks ago and it was fantastic. The definition in my but and, frankly, legs (thigh to ankle) was unbelievable. Due to high cholesterol I've been eating really clean since late March 2013 and have lowered my cholesterol and weight significantly; however, I still...
  5. backer65

    Horizontal Conditioning Sale

    Thanks Ninja Mom, just ordered a few vids and looking forward to the "challenge". I have some nice definition but am always looking to improve the core as a whole especially the back so I'm hopeful that HC will improve my strength. Best,
  6. backer65

    X10 X77

    Great feedback ladies. This one is on the agenda for this week and I'm surely gonna have to eat my wheaties before this one ;D Is it harder than CRF Extreme or TTM Extreme? I guess I'll find out in a couple of days. :p
  7. backer65

    How do you maintain your spin bike?

    Oh my, I didn't realize Jeff Wimmer had passed away. I purchased my spin bike from him last year and he was so kind and helpful. Michele
  8. backer65

    Surprised when reading dvd reviews

    Thanks for the positivity! I love this forum and all the great people (mostly positive) on it. I can only say this about Cathe; she has helped me achieve physical fitness I've never known before. Even more I feel like she and the people who are so supportive on the forums have helped me to...
  9. backer65

    Icons in Workout Manager

    Can't wait to check it out!!
  10. backer65

    Purple shoes in new workouts?

    Ryka Influence I thought I saw Cathe reply to someone else that they were Ryka Influence style, but I may be confused.
  11. backer65

    When will the new workouts be added to the Workout Manager?

    SNM Crew is Wonderful and Efficient! Thanks SNM for responding to our forum inquiries! Can't wait for my current rotation to end tomorrow so I can crack open the new DVDs and sweat my . . . hmm . . . my everything off! ;D
  12. backer65

    When will new workouts be loaded on Workout Mgr

    Just wondering when you might add these great new workouts to the workout mgr. Best,
  13. backer65

    Squat Rack/Ballet Bar

    I think I saw somewhere that they were re-designing it before they stock in Cathe store again. I did see something similar on it a try.
  14. backer65

    New DVDs Start Shipping Sep 27th

    I don't know whether I check USPS or UPS and I haven't gotten a notice, but I only live a few hours from NJ in Maryland so it never takes more than 2 days for delivery. I expect to have my DVDs in my hot and soon to be sweaty little hands by Friday when my current rotation ends - mwah haha...
  15. backer65


    Hey Heartymax, I love your up to date photo - looking good in purple! -Michele
  16. backer65

    Extended Stretch

    In the Hardcore Series she has a video called Stretch Max that contains 3 stretch videos at ~20 minutes each +/-. Best, -Michele
  17. backer65


    I have hair that can be prone to be oily though my big issue is fine hair. I use WEN every day because I generally work out 6-7 days/week. The trick is to ensure you rinse for 1-2 minutes to remove any product that hasn't been absorbed by the hair. I just ordered pomagranite for the first...
  18. backer65

    Alternatives to plyo legs

    Could you substitute DVDs from the Low Impact Series--if you own them, of course! Just a thought.
  19. backer65

    Road Trip Sunday Breakfast Change

    What a wonderful option; I'm looking forward to all of it with the finally of a great breakfast and more time with Cathe and all Cathletes. :D