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  1. Heidisue

    How long are the workouts on Terminator DVD?

    I am super excited to try the Terminator DVD. I was wondering how long each premix is?
  2. Heidisue

    First class Friday is being live streamed

    Cathe- your kickboxing workouts are some of my favorites!! I can't wait!!
  3. Heidisue

    Who's getting excited?

    Can't wait to meet you too Cathe!! Can't believe it's already here!
  4. Heidisue

    Who's getting excited?

    great info!! Especially the quarters. Wouldn't have thought of that. I live in Texas. Not too far away. Never been East. So excited!!
  5. Heidisue

    Who's getting excited?

    This will be my first time going!! I can't wait and I'm a little nervous. Not sure what to expect and how to prepare. I've been doing rotations hoping to keep my endurance up. Any advice I should know about?!?
  6. Heidisue

    Its all good cookbook?

    Wondering if anyone has made something out of Gwyneth Paltrow's cook book "Its all good"? Looks really yummy. Wondering which recipe to try first.
  7. Heidisue

    Skipping a day in the middle of a rotation on my calendar?

    Have you considered giving the option to change a day in the editing page? That would be super helpful.
  8. Heidisue

    Skipping a day in the middle of a rotation on my calendar?

    I sometimes need to take a day off in the middle of a rotation. What is the easiest/ right way to do this? For now, in my calendar, I have to click and drag every workout after that day and move it to the right day. This takes a long time. Is there a better way to do this?
  9. Heidisue

    Feb 2012 Rotation

    Bumping so I can find it easier. :)
  10. Heidisue

    workout with the sandbag

    I totally didn't catch that!! Sorry, no pun intended in my recent post. But seriously, that's the fun new equipment now days! I think so anyway!!
  11. Heidisue

    workout with the sandbag

    I would love to see Cathe make a workout using a sandbag.
  12. Heidisue

    Supportive Mommas -- May

    Cee- So sorry about the rash. Is it hives? My mom had those when she was pregnant with me. That sounds aweful. I hope everything heals up quick and they can figure out what medicine will work for you and the baby. Take it easy. {HUGS} That's a good post from Cathe. I have the incline for my...
  13. Heidisue

    Growing Mommas -- Apr 9

    I was bad this morning! I was craving donuts which I never usually buy but caved today. And the lady who worked there was asking me about my kids and when I told her I was expecting (can't believe she didn't notice my bump) she threw in a handful of donut holes!! Yummy!!! She totally made my day...
  14. Heidisue

    Growing Mommas -- Apr 9

    Hi Ladies, I hope I don't miss you all, being Friday afternoon. I have been feeling so good lately!! I am 22 weeks so far, only 18 left to go. It is so hot here in Texas that I try to stay indoors and do DVD workouts rather than walking. Yesterday I was able to do Legs and Glutes with light...
  15. Heidisue

    Excited Mommas -- Apr 2

    Hi Ladies, I had my 16 week appt on Wed and hubby was out of town so I had the doctor/nurse write what it was on a card and seal it. When he got home on Friday we had our 6 year old read it out loud to us. It's another girl!! I swore it was going to be a boy. My poor husband! Four girls...
  16. Heidisue

    Strong Mommas -- Mar 26

    Well I was feeling a lot better but threw up this morning! What is up with that?? At least its not an everyday occurence! I have been walking a lot (keeping up with my 2 1/2 yr old- she runs the whole time) and did Cathe's spin workout. Loved it. Didn't push it too much just cause I haven't...
  17. Heidisue

    Calling all 2012 Momma's-To-Be

    Dragonfly- I am starting to do some prenatal yoga and want to start back with Cathe's DVD's. I haven't thrown up at all for the past 5 days so this is great. :) I haven't felt very tired, just sick, so now that I am better I'm motivated to get going again. I know if I stay consistant with...
  18. Heidisue

    Calling all 2012 Momma's-To-Be

    Smoothies seem to be working the best for me. I can add a lot of fruit to them to help up my fiber and vitamins.
  19. Heidisue

    Calling all 2012 Momma's-To-Be

    I'm so glad you started this thread!! I am due Sept. 6. Finally starting to feel better. 1st trimester I was throwing up 3-4 times a day so I avoided working out just because I needed every calorie I could get. I lost 7 pounds but have put 2 back on. Its funny when you are on the other side of...