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  1. bpcw

    Conversations issue

    Hello, I use the Conversations feature (top right of screen under envelope) and in the past few weeks after I hit Post Thread the content doesn't disappear, nor does the post show up unless I refresh the screen immediately. When it first happened I didn't realize the issue so i just keeping...
  2. bpcw

    A zumba and dance dvd please

    Enough said. Pretty pretty please!
  3. bpcw

    "Cardio Party"

    Cathe, please please add dance moves to this fun-sounding workout. Dance burns calories but I don't have time to devote to a mediocre dance workout that someone else has produced. But if YOU do it, it'll be AMAZING. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Thanks for all you do for us. You are so...
  4. bpcw

    Pre-Order Cathe's "LITE" Workout Videos Designed for Intermediate Exercisers

    Cathe, this series sounds so creative! I have a tiny request--can you add fun dance moves on the cardio workout? Please, please? It's so fun when you include mambos, cha-chas, so please add new moves? Thanks for all you do for us!
  5. bpcw

    Vytas Yoga

    Vytas Baskauskas (?sp) has many full-length yoga episodes that range in length from 20 minutes to over an hour on YouTube. They're broken down into 3 levels, easier to harder. He has fabulous cuing for body awareness. And it's produced by Udaya. The class quality is superb, as is the video...
  6. bpcw

    Your gorgeous skin, Cathe

    Dear Cathe, in addition to hydrating, eating well, exercising, and wonderful hormones, how do you keep your skin looking so plump, luminous, and youthful, especially as it looked during the ICE series? Do you take any supplements that help skin? I'm the same age as you but my skin doesn't look...
  7. bpcw

    Bio-Identical Hormones - Anyone on them?

    I have been taking BIH for just about a year. You find a doc who specializes in them. She takes a blood test first. The saliva test for me came later, after I'd been taking the BIH for a bit. My ob/gyn prescribes the FDA-approved pharmaceutically-made ones that I don't want. BIH is made from...
  8. bpcw

    Anyone do "Dry Brushing"?

    What useful tips! I dry-brush once or twice a week using German mitts I bought through the lady who started Facercise (Carole Maggio). She owns a salon/spa in Southern Calif (and does online orders). She also originated a No-Lipo Lipo kneading method that makes me brush and/or moisturize...
  9. bpcw

    Please more choreographed step workouts like Party Rockin!!

    PRS 1 & 2 are utterly inspired! Wonderful matching music too!
  10. bpcw

    Line Dancing Video with Cathe & Crew

    Dear Cathe, I beg you to consider doing a line dancing video, with lots of crew, featuring all the latest (and oldie) dance moves! Dances that come to mind would be Electric Slide and Cha Cha Slide, and that ilk. (PS, I just watched a clip of Saturday Night Fever and they were doing the...
  11. bpcw

    Labeling missing

    When I sort by Type of Workout, the date filmed and the High/Low Quality is not displayed. Those are useful to me.
  12. bpcw

    Cathe Live using iPad & Apple TV?

    Help! I can't remember where I read where someone says she uses her iPad and AppleTV to stream Live. Does anyone know if I can I do it that way? I won't sign up yet until I know for sure.
  13. bpcw

    ICE DVD case broken

    I had emailed Nancy on Dec 23 and hadn't received the case yet so I emailed Nancy again this morning and she said they're waiting for a shipment from the manufacturer.
  14. bpcw

    Yoga Warrior or The Ultimate Yoga DVD Set?

    For anyone interested in YW365 I found a site with 3 left at the incredible prices of $37.95 (1) and $40.00 (2), with free shipping. Here's the link...
  15. bpcw

    Marie, are you ok??? Haven't heard from you in a while...

    Marie, are you ok??? Haven't heard from you in a while...
  16. bpcw

    Yoga Warrior or The Ultimate Yoga DVD Set?

    It's Yoga Warrior 365. I see some clips on youtube and I'm liking them!
  17. bpcw

    Yoga Warrior or The Ultimate Yoga DVD Set?

    Oh no! I wish I hadn't seen this enabling thread about YW365! The price at CV is so good! Anyone know if that's the new reduced price? I can hold off till Black Friday.;) And how about where can I watch a clip? The CV one is a dead end. Are there 30-min workouts? Travis is too long...
  18. bpcw

    Conversations question

    Renee, when you click on the envelope icon on the top right of the screen (at least that's how it appears on my tablet anyway), you can have private conversations with people, up to 5 more, not including yourself. I was inquiring if we can have more people in a conversation.
  19. bpcw

    Conversations question

    Under Conversations, can we expand to more than 5 participants?