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  1. woopig

    favorite arm blasting workout?

    I agree, the all upper body premix from 4DS is tough. Or you could try doing each body part 2 times each on 4DS. Yesterday, I did the chest and back rounds 2 times each. Today, I did shoulder, tricep, and bicep rounds 2 times each. My arms were definitely fried!!
  2. woopig

    2010 EB Tour Glassboro Road Trip

    Cathe, you won't mind if I sign up even though I will be 38 weeks pregnant will you? Just kidding, of course, but I SO wish I could be there again this year!!! You all will have a blast!!!
  3. woopig

    TRacey Staehle new kickbox dvd

    Definitely cave!!! This one is so much fun!! Great job Tracey!
  4. woopig

    Liann! Congratulations!

    Yay Liann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome news!! Congratulations!!
  5. woopig

    My Happy News :)

    YAY.......GIN!!!! I was hoping this was the news when I clicked on this thread!!! I am SO happy for you!!!!! WOO HOO!! I admire your strength and courage. I know you have kept up with your, what Cathe workout did you do to celebrate:D:D?
  6. woopig

    Happy Birthday Gin!!

    WTG Gin!!!!!:D:D
  7. woopig

    EB Tour - Daytona

    Hey Bethany. I am so jealous!! I think I would have signed up for Daytona, but we are going to be in Vegas that weekend. I guess I will wait around for Texas. It is closer to me anyway, but no beach:(! I know you will have so much fun and I can't wait to hear about it!!
  8. woopig

    Happy Birthday KathyS! (TarHeelMom)

    Happy Birthday!! Thank you for all of your help for the RT!! I hope you had a wonderful day:)
  9. woopig

    Regarding having a class on Sunday

    YAY!!!!! I am so excited we will have another chance to work out with you, Cathe! Thank you!! I can't wait!!
  10. woopig

    New Roll Call...

    Hello!! Lara from Arkansas. I still need to book my room! I am such a procrastinator. I can't wait to see everyone!! I also went in 2007.
  11. woopig

    My one year anniversary

    Wow, Carola...what an amazing journey!! You are such an inspiration. I agree, you were meant to write the book!!
  12. woopig

    What's your fashion weakness?

    I love Splendid and Juicy---so comfortable!! And Seven jeans!! I love all shoes, but usually spend too much on my clothes and wear the same shoes over and over.
  13. woopig

    Happy Birthday Teresa (Tess_ATL)!!

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!:D
  14. woopig

    What did you buy with your discount???

    Push Pull Tower Resistance bands because I am *still* using the green band I got when I ordered the Hardcore series several years ago! I think I need more resistance because mine is slightly stretched out:o. I can only imagine how those "Y's" and "T's" will feel when I get them--ouch!!
  15. woopig


    Congratulations Tracey and Brad!! Welcome Scarlett!! I am so happy for your family!:)
  16. woopig

    Announcing My Next DVD series

    Oh my goodness!! Where have I been all day? I am just now seeing this announcement. I am SO excited!! I just pre-ordered and I can't wait!! DH is just rolling his eyes at me. At least he understands my excitement a little more now that he is doing STS with me. Thanks Cathe!!!!!:D
  17. woopig

    Thank you from TX Gin

    Gin, It is so good to hear from you!!! I am praying for your speedy recovery. You are so determined and positive. I know you will be well soon!! I can't wait to see you again!! Hopefully before the 2010 RT! Thank you for keeping us updated. I look forward to hearing from you again. Much love...
  18. woopig

    So who got in??? RT

    Hi Laura! I am sorry you will miss the RT by a week!! I wish we could all see you again. I doubt I will find anyone who lives (or lived) in Arkansas this RT:). Will you be visiting when you return from Africa? I am sorry about your ITB injury. I am glad you are still enjoying running!!
  19. woopig

    So who got in??? RT

    Mabdoo---we can do it can't we?!?! We will definitley have fun once we get there!! Cathe and all of the Catheites are worth a little time away:). Hopefully, we will be ready by July!
  20. woopig

    STS Check In DISC 3...LEGS

    I am posting late on this workout. DH and I did Disc 3 yesterday. We are both having a hard time sitting down and standing up today!! I am definitely sore, but in a good way (I think)!! One place I am sore that I didn't expect to be are my wrist flexors. I can hardly extend my wrists today! I...