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  1. bjammin13

    Your Next DVD

    I can not even wait for these, so excited!!!!
  2. bjammin13


    I like to chop up or will even buy frozen chopped kale at Grocery Store and throw some into homemade chili or an egg scramble. No bitter effect :)
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    paper plates on puzzel mats

    I second the vote for area rug/carpet over puzzle mat . Mat doesn't allow smooth glide for disc or paper plate ,a rug you can leave down or move out of the way when not needed. I actually have been considering getting a larger rug to keep on the mat to help with wear and tear,lol
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    Greek Yogurt

    I had "issues" with trying to like Greek Yogurt as well ,the Fage was much too rich and intense in flavor for me. I have been really enjoying Trader Joes Vanilla greek yogurt . I usually buy it for my Husband but decided to give it a whirl and love it with fresh blueberries :). I have hijacked...
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    I just received all three Tonique DVDs on Sat and did Tonique 1 in its entirety on Sun, OMG , my rear is still so sore , I am blown away, pleasantly surprised at how tuff it was , can't sit down,lol, but very happy! Can hardly wait to try others
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    Help for Dry Lips?

    I have very sensitive lips , most lip products make my lips peel , which is a bummer when u love lip gloss, lol. I have been having good success with Skinceuticals "antioxidant lip repair". You put it on once in the morning and once at night . It is a pump top creme and wears great under other...
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    Don't you love book threads?

    I am still obsessed with Ken Follett books and I am enjoying reading "Jackdaws" right now. I actually was thinking a couple of weeks ago of venturing off to a new writer and checking out The Girl With Dragon Tattoo , I will have to give it a go!
  8. bjammin13

    Bad reaction to cleanse? (food poisoning-like symptoms)

    I have not had this experience but I gave my poor Husband a cleanse ,which was recommended to me by a staffer at a Pharmica store ,it was suppose to be mild and he had a severe reaction. His stomach blew up like a balloon , it looked disfigured and he had vomiting , stomach pain , diarrhea and...
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    Personal Debt of Gratitude to Cathe 12/31/09

    My heart goes out to you and your family Annette , and I second the gratitude you expressed to Cathe .
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    What are you reading?

    Dangerous Fortune , Ken Follett. This is my second time reading this book and I love it !
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    how do you w/o when traveling?

    I usually ( I say this like I vacation often ,HA! , I wish,LOL)will schedule an active recovery week to fall during my vacation period and/or try to do activities out of the ordinary for me like running trails in the mountains at higher elevations or a new activity that is not so physically...
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    Would you try to return used make-up?

    Don't fret about taking it back . Department stores are usually pretty liberal with makeup returns . I would just be honest that you were not satisfied with the way product performed on your skin. Sometimes it turns on you which is why it can be a good idea wear it for an hour or so while you...
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    iiarai Montagnani

    Try . That is where I got mine and I love both workouts. The Abs Push Plus is a goodie as well. Good luck!
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    I Have Book Recs. Anyone Else?

    Last week I finished my second time around with "Pillars of The Earth" - Ken Follett ( loved it even more than the first time) This week , I read "The Weight of Silence" - Heather Gudenkauf (a Bday gift from my Hubby) I really enjoyed it , although I felt rather emotional when I finished ...
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    Online Store for Skincare

    I have purchased from both and , also you can purchase directly from Skinceuticals if you prefer and their customer service department is excellent at answering any questions regarding products.
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    So where are YOU located? :)

    Sonoma County , California . :D
  17. bjammin13

    Who Was Your Favorite Angel?

    I stopped biting my nails when I was a little girl because of Kelly. I will never forget my Dad telling me that if I didn't stop I would not grow up to be beautiful like her, lol , I loved Jaquelyn Smith, I had a tshirt with her on it and all the dolls ,the penthouse.My older sister loved Farrah
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    Cancelling Precision Nutrition

    I hate it when cs reps talk down to you like they are belittling a small child , its infuriating. I feel for ya
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    weird precision nutrition blog entry

    I did not find article insulting and hey , I hope my Husband always does think I am a "Hot Babe On His Arm", LOL , as well as a partner and supporter of his interest may it be health and fitness or another , just like I need him to be for me. ;)
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    Pull up tower or TRX Suspension ?

    I think I am going to go with TRX , it looks so fun and offers some challenges I would like to take on. I am not big on making "Birthday requests" but I am going to with this if I can wait that long, LOL. :eek: