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  1. elliemom

    PIF (pay it forward) assignment for Week of 10/25/2010

    Just finished up my 2 notes. Wow, I had a lot more to say than I thought when I started!! Lots of positive energy from this. Thanks Gayle :D:D I included some fun pictures from the summer and invites for a get together ellie
  2. elliemom

    How would you feel if your husband.....

    PM or email me. Call me if you want. I just went thru many years of counseling for MYSELF (as an enabler) and my sister (bigger enabler) to deal with my niece's drug addiction. There is hope, there is recovery, there is a way. But sometimes it means changing how YOU react to the addict. I don't...
  3. elliemom

    I have an odd question

    OMG. this is too funny. I don't come here much anymore and don't know why I did today, but this post is exactly what I was talking about to a few friends the other day. Both my boys were big and transverse lie (sideways) and I needed a c-section After my second was born my bra size...
  4. elliemom

    Happy Friday!!!

    Liann I love seeing her pics on FB. These are too cute also. I admit I did laugh at the animals and then I saw her and was still laughing and my DH just walked away wondering why I was laughing at a baby pic!!! :) ellie
  5. elliemom

    Who was your gateway drug to Cathe?

    I am laughing as I read this!!! I did a few Buns of Steel videos, then a Tracy York and Michelle Dozois and thought I was the COOLEST thing ever!!! :eek::eek: Made up my mind that I was an ADVANCED exerciser and bought Step N Motion, Step Works etc. and CRIED for days. :o:o I obviously was...
  6. elliemom

    Can ANYONE explain this one?

    Me too Aqua Jock!!! I just lost almost 5 pounds with no significant change in exercise or calories!! We did have a heat wave for a little while, and I guess I am more active with the nicer weather, but not 5 pounds more active!!!! I'll take it though!!! and I'm 45 so I know this is not an...
  7. elliemom

    It is getting towards my next CT Scan

    I am doing the happy dance for you!!!! :D:D:D
  8. elliemom

    This makes me sick!

    Where are all the parents of the bullies??? They need to accept some responsibility too. I don't think the schools can do too much because they are held back by some stupid government telling them they can't reprimand, suspend, expel students etc. But many parents are giving their kids access to...
  9. elliemom

    How do you find the time????

    You too are amazing!!! Both of my boys have medical issues that require multipe specialists and appointments galore!!! All that added in makes my time even more limited. You are doing an awesome job!!! I am going to try the first thing in the morning deal. Thanks. And keep up the good work.
  10. elliemom

    How do you find the time????

    I honestly have no idea how you do that!!! Aren't you exhausted??? Now I just feel like a lazy slob!!!! I am a SAHM and still don't have that kind of energy. Can I borrow some of yours!!! You are amazing
  11. elliemom

    How do you find the time????

    Okay, now I am on a mission!!! I need to truly prioritize AND learn to say no. I spend a lot of time with my boys. I read with them, play with them, make things with them etc. We do "word of the day" every morning at breakfast and read a book every night before bed. I am all about education...
  12. elliemom

    How do you find the time????

    Hi Ladies, I recently restarted my Cathe journey and have hit soooooo many roadblocks along the way. I can't seem to find the TIME for my workouts. :( I have friend and family obligations, VP of PTA, 2 boys aged 6 and 8. Homework, sports, weddings, showers, Holidays, birthdays, events at...
  13. elliemom

    Lia Sophia?

    Oh, Thank God this thread was about jewelry!!! I thought you were asking about a baby name!!! :eek::eek: You scared me there for a minute Liann!!!
  14. elliemom

    I'm thankful for...

    My boys found that on DH's phone!!! I hear it all the time and still laugh:D
  15. elliemom

    I'm thankful for...

    It changes daily but for today My dentist gave me a wonderful dose of Nitrous Oxide!!!!
  16. elliemom

    NO, NO, NO.....somebody stop me!!!

    I read and reread his post many times because I could not believe what I was seeing. And now it is gone but the exact same words are there under Zola1 and the signature Melissa. I responded to it then decided against it because i didn't want to get involved. And now it is gone. But if you check...
  17. elliemom

    NO, NO, NO.....somebody stop me!!!

    :mad::mad: I see Fruitcakes aren't just for Christmas anymore..,from Cathe e-mailing me directly last year telling me not to come to the RT, and then not giving me the courtesy of an answer why I was the only person to receive this people admitting their family hates this...
  18. elliemom

    HELLO - What are you gals up to?

    The new eqipment is so awesome. i got to see him move and swallow and suck his thumb!!! Technology is awesome now. My son is only 5!!!
  19. elliemom

    HELLO - What are you gals up to?

    Don't worry, his nose was NOT that big when he was born. He was very squished in there. We ended up taking him almost a month early and he was 9 pounds 4 ounces!! So if you have any ideas of spitting out something that resembles an M&M, I will be very upset!!!!! :D:D:D
  20. elliemom

    HELLO - What are you gals up to?

    My son on ultra sound at 30 weeks!!!