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    ? on daughters Navel piercing.

    My daughter has had her navel pierced since Nov 2 and she is still experiencing soreness. Although I went to a sight and alot of women say that it was normal. But what bothers me the most is that she says that it had an odor to it yesterday. She was showing it to some friends and they noticed...
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    Kathy Smiths Cardio Kickboxing

    I bought this dvd the other day with the aerobox and the kickboxing on it also. I found it at Ross for 3.49 and doing it years ago, I thought it was a good price to get and do every once in a while. It also included a 15min. tai chi stretch. kim
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    How is Turbo Jam? I just ordered it!

    I have been looking at turbo jam on tv for awhile and wanted to know if anyone who has it tell me whether it's good or not. It looks like alot of fun and at this point when I have hit a slump,I need something I can alternate with cathe. I love her workouts and would not totally give that up! But...
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    I ran out of room for my exerc.dvd's!

    Hey A-Jock, I got my zip-case at Walmart for about 16.00 and it holds about 208 dvds. I think that will hold me for a while!:) I also saw some at Target also and they seemed to have a good selection. I have saved two spaces in the front of my case for Cathe's new ones that will be here on...
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    I ran out of room for my exerc.dvd's!

    Goytgirl, you will love them in a zip case. It freed up so much room and each night I just flip through to find the one I want to do the next day. My dh laughs at me while I am trying to decide. I boxed up the original cases cause I can't bring myself to get rid of them. strange huh...
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    I ran out of room for my exerc.dvd's!

    Hey girls, I have so many dvd's of cathe and other instructors that I have totally ran out of room! I would have to go through a bunch to get to one workout. So my husband come up with the idea that I should put them in those cd/dvd carrier. You know the ones where you put them in the sleeves...
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    Michelle Rotell's DVD's

    Yes I bought Michelle Rotell's workouts at wal-mart and I thought the leg workout was pretty good. I haven't tried the upper body or the total body. Her leg workout was not easy but not very hard though. I don't think I would like the upper and total body by looking at the video. Hey, they were...
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    Kimberly's "Kickbox Bootcamp"

    RE: Kimberly's I too thought this was a refreshing workout! Last night was my first time doing it and it was alot of fun and great workout. I thought the slow cat stance that she did on the step was really cool. Although my balance sucked! I am also thinking of getting her new dvd that has...
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    Can I handle P90x?

    Hey guys, You have totally convinced me to get these workouts! My B-day is coming up and I already planned on getting cathe's new series and now i will definitely get P90x also! The cost is alittle up there but I think I can convince the hubby! Thanks ladies, kim Hey,it was good...
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    Can I handle P90x?

    I have just gotten back to exercising after foot problems and wondering if P90x is too advanced for me. I do all advanced workouts, but I watch this workout on tv and wonder if it is for those who are already in super shape. I also see that you have to have a pull up bar and there is no place I...
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    Remembering my Sister

    Chasity, I am so sorry for your loss. Your sister was a beautiful person. The tears started flowing and I couldn't stop! My heart goes out to you and thanks for sharing your remembrance with us. kim
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    Morning exercisers

    I used to get up early in the morning about 5:00 two years ago and it really helped out with sticking to working out. The problem I ran into is that I started looking tired in the afternoon and evening and really felt tired by the afternoon. Getting up early to exercise definitely has it...
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    Another question about Squeeze

    I spent $7 on my ball. And it has the friendly face of spongebob. My teenagers were wondering what the heck I was doing with the ball. I just answered that it was my thigh ball. And of course my son I will probably pop the ball with my thighs.HaHa!! My ball is 8.5 and looks big enough...
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    One more post about Squeeze

    Hey Nancy, I did the total body for the first time yesterday and I feel every muscle in my body! Did you do the squeeze when you were doing arms? I even had to put down my 3# and just use my arms. Maybe you can try it again sometimes, cause it is an awesome workout! kim
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    Tracy Effinger "Squeeze"

    RE: Tracy Effinger Hey guys, I just recieved the squeeze video and although I haven't done all of it yet I did do a trial run on the arms. I thought how in the world could using such light weight work! Well I just picked up my 3# weights and tried it. Boy were my shoulders burning! I...
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    Happy Birthday Jane (Luvtorun)

    Happy Birthday Jane!!!! Hope you have the best one ever!! kim
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    Transforming Violets in July!!!

    Hey girls, Sorry I haven't been around this week, I have had a major tiring week at work. And I am ashamed to say that I haven't worked out since monday. But I am getting back on track tomorrow going to the gym to workout in the morning. Somehow the beach ruined me as far as energy! Vacation...
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    Transforming Violets in July!!!

    Hey girls, Well i went to the gym today and have you ever had a day you didn't have energy? I totally felt that way. I didn't put the umph! in my workout that I normally do! Being at the beach all last week really messed me up! I end up doing 30 mins. on the ellipt. and 15 mins. on the...
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    Transforming Violets in July!!!

    Hello Violets! I am back from vacation and I totally enjoyed myself! Although I did gain five pounds. I did things on vacation that I haven't normally been doing. Like take for instance, I drank lemonade with vodka and I ate pizza twice this week and I drank alot of sodas! Okay so now I...
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    Transforming Violets in June!!!

    Hi girls, Just checking in to say hey and then get back to my packing. I leave for the beach tomorrow and won't return till next sunday! Yeah!! I just love it when I can get away. Yesterday I went to the gym and did 30 on the ski machine and 30 on the ellipt. One thing I am looking...