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  1. neicebug

    Fitting 100 rep challenges into rotation

    Hello!!! I am not doing the "rotation", but usually just add the 100 rep challenges in as time permits. They are usually less than 10 mins in length, so they are an easy add on. I use them to compliment my activity for the day. i.e.... today I did PURE Strength Biceps/Back/Abs and...
  2. neicebug

    Recovery drinks

    Hello!!! My method of approach is a good BCAA & Glutamine drink while I train (regardless if cardio or strength). Then immediately following my workout, I have a protein shake that is mixed with spinach or kale .... sometimes half a banana or blueberries, and I add flax seeds and chia seeds...
  3. neicebug

    Sign Up for the Glassboro Road Trip Jan 31st Starting at 1pm

    MAMA DEB!!!!!!!!! I can't WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!! {{{{Group HUG}}}} xoxo, Denise :)
  4. neicebug

    Sign Up for the Glassboro Road Trip Jan 31st Starting at 1pm

    I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU JODI JODI!!!!!!!!!!! And your arms too !!!! ;) xoxo, Denise
  5. neicebug

    Sign Up for the Glassboro Road Trip Jan 31st Starting at 1pm

    I CAN't WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN Miss Gum Girl..... and GAL PAL!!!!! xoxo, Denise :)
  6. neicebug

    Sign Up for the Glassboro Road Trip Jan 31st Starting at 1pm

    I CAN't WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN KAT!!!!!! I miss you!!!! xoxo, Denise :)
  7. neicebug

    No burn sets for Legs

    Donkey BUTT I have discovered the same thing here. My main goal is to develop what I call a "donkey butt".... much to my daughter's dismay. She overheard me telling my husband I wanted a donkey butt and she starting screaming, "NOOOOO". It was funny.... explaining the difference even...
  8. neicebug

    6 Days to Pre-sale!!

    Hey Anne!!! My birthday is 7/18!! Happy Birthday from one cancer to another!!! Denise :D
  9. neicebug

    Last minute first time road tripper!!

    You are going to have a BLAST!!!!! Just get prepared for FUN FUN FUN!!!! Denise :D
  10. neicebug

    It's buckeyes baby!

    Hey Lorrie!!! I missed last year too!!! I can't wait to see you again!!! Denise :D
  11. neicebug

    Best Cathlete Advice Ever

    Very good idea to start this!!! I love everything you listed!!! ;)
  12. neicebug

    step taps/power squats help!

    I have moved out to the short end of the step and do just toe taps on it. Then you are not having to jump soooo high and you won't trip on it. And the power squats are truly just something I found I have to work up to..... you will master it as your cardio improves. Also, it depends on how...
  13. neicebug

    A note to say Thanks!

    Hi Elizabeth!!! Thank you for sharing your story with us!!!! I am soooo proud of you, and certainly you should be proud of yourself!!!! ;) I understand your comment about feeling demoralized when you are debilitated! I have been there, relying on others to do things for me and I HATED...
  14. neicebug

    Fat deposits! Advice much needed!

    I agree.... a strict diet with lots of resistance exercises will get the job done! ;) If you are skinny fat, you are probably a good dieter to begin with.... but make sure that you add healthy fats like avocado, EVOO, Coconut oil, etc too. If you don't have it, pick up a copy of "THE EAT...
  15. neicebug

    Schedule of events - still the same?

    Hey Lorrie!!! So glad to hear you are going!!! :D I was wondering the same thing.... has it been posted anywhere yet??? Thanks! Denise :D
  16. neicebug

    Our To The Max Clip awaits you!

    I love all these quick changes!!!! I feel like I can really put my all into it when I know I am changing soon. I can't wait to get them both!!!! YEAH!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  17. neicebug

    New Clips

    WOW!!!! I can't wait to attempt those moves at home!!! I am praying to have a little time to perfect movements before the road trip!!! ;)
  18. neicebug

    Jillian Michaels Kickbox Fast Fix

    Yes, I saw this dvd in Target.... along with many of her other ones. :)
  19. neicebug

    Let's Chat Thursday 1/15 at noon (eastern)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sweaty Hugs!!!! I'm getting one on the RT TOO BRIDGET!!!! xoxo, Denise :D
  20. neicebug

    Introducing me

    HI DENISE!!! I'm Denise TOO!!!! :D Welcome to the forum!!! xoxo, Denise