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  1. fitchick14

    Workout Blender won't import ANYTHING

    I'm having problems as well I have tried to download The Workout Blender several times now but it is still not importing the files. I have also tried deleting the suggested files/folders etc but haven't had any success. I have Microsoft Window XP Media Centre Version 2002.
  2. fitchick14

    Gift Code?

    All good! I found the email with my code. Thanks :D
  3. fitchick14

    We're shipping...YES INDEEDY

    Sharonf, I asked the question in this thread and have received an answer ... Hope this helps :)
  4. fitchick14

    Gift Code?

    Thanks, I'll double check my emails when I get home from work :)
  5. fitchick14

    We're shipping...YES INDEEDY

    I'm having the same problem. I've had a look through my emails and don't think I have received a gift code.
  6. fitchick14

    Gift Code?

    I'm looking forward to downloading the Low Impact Series but am not sure where to find the 'Gift Code' mentioned in the email. I have my Order Confirmation email but it doesn't mention the code and I thought perhaps it was my order number but unfortunately that didn't work. Could someone...
  7. fitchick14

    At home spinning

    I have a spin bike and would definitely buy a DVD if you made one. I'm always looking for new programs for my bike :)
  8. fitchick14

    New rules for weighr lifting for woman

    Me too! I bought the book and followed the workout for a bit but got bored with it and gave up. It is a good book though with some great advice.
  9. fitchick14

    Early Risers??

    I'm up around 5 am and, while some days are not easy, it is nice to have my training over and done with and it is an awesome start to the day. My day always starts with my 'moving meditation' which is taking my dog for a walk. It's when I plan my day and basically just enjoy watching the sun...
  10. fitchick14

    Queensland Floods

    Approximately 75% of the State of Queensland has now been declared a Disaster Area. To put this in perspective; Queensland is Australia's second largest state measuring more than 1.72 million square kilometers; 25% of Australia's land mass; it is four times the size of Japan, nearly six times...
  11. fitchick14

    Weigh In Date

    Fantastic. Thanks for that :)
  12. fitchick14

    Weigh In Date

    I have noticed that I am unable to change the date of my weigh in on Workout Manager. As I am in Australia, I am a day ahead of the date that is on the calender. In the previous Workout Manager I could physically change the date when I weighed in so that I was always weighing in on my correct...
  13. fitchick14

    Cathe, what do you do for recovery?

    Just thought I would put in 2 cents. I take glutamine and BCAA's to help with recovery plus loads of water :)
  14. fitchick14

    cellulite on back of thighs

    The only time I have gotten rid of my cellulite is the week before I competed in my bodybuilding comp. I had to get to around 10% fat for that to happen which isn't healthy longterm. I could be totally mistaken but I was of the belief that you can't 'spot reduce' and therefore there are no...
  15. fitchick14

    Cathletes- PLEZ suggest a match to BootCamp

    I think you are thinking of Terminator, I don't have that one but looking at the Shop Cathe it says that that DVD is a compilation of Cardio and Weight, IMax Extreme and Muscle Endurance (I think).
  16. fitchick14

    Cathletes- PLEZ suggest a match to BootCamp

    I love DrillMax - loads of variety and guaranteed great workout.
  17. fitchick14

    Happy Weekend!

    Busy, Busy!! Happy Weekend! After my Super Sat Sesh which is a triple-header of Spin, a cardio DVD and yoga the plan is to start on the Christmas decorations and spending some quality time with the fam. It's a rainy day here in Central Queensland and we are hoping to go watch Hubs play his...
  18. fitchick14

    alternatives for chin ups and pull ups??

    Glad to be of service :)
  19. fitchick14

    alternatives for chin ups and pull ups??

    Great idea. The push/pull tower is on my 'wish list' ... shame the shipping to Australia makes it almost double the price. :(