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  1. chachi

    Best DVDs for floor work?

    Hi Laura Check out the Tonique workouts at Tonique Mat Workout is all floorwork for 60 minutes. The one that I have Tonique Premier has three segments..Squats, Lunges, and Floorwork. They look deceiving b/c she uses light weights but she goes non-stop so you are really...
  2. chachi

    Talk about an awesome deal!

    I haven't posted in a long time but wanted to share this with those of you who will understand my excitement. I bought a Turbo Tower today at Dunham's and guess how much I paid for it..$64.97. I've been putting off ordering one and now I'm glad I did. I can't wait to use it tomorrow. :)
  3. chachi

    Our Christmas card

    Cynthia..her Santa pic is gorgeous. I really wish I could give her a big squeeze. She's beautiful. Merry Christmas! :)
  4. chachi

    The new clips are up!

    Intensity is looking to be my favorite of the four. They all look great! :)
  5. chachi

    Please, Please don't drink and drive

    Thanks so much Gayle. Your hugs are appreciated. :)
  6. chachi

    Please, Please don't drink and drive

    Denise..I don't post here very much anymore but could not stay quiet this time. I'm so very sorry for your family's tragic sudden loss. I can understand your pain since my beautiful little sister Heather was killed by a drunk driver August 17, 2000..she had just turned 21 two weeks prior to her...
  7. chachi

    Old School Candy

    I'm currently making 150 wedding favor bags out of brown penny candy bags for a friend's wedding on August 7. They're going to have an old school candy buffet bar. :)
  8. chachi

    We may have a new family member

    She's definitely the perfect match for you! You can see the love and adoration in those puppy dog eyes already! How is Maximus handling having a new little sister? :)
  9. chachi

    We may have a new family member

    Cynthia..I understand all the mixed emotions you are feeling. Isabella will bring you so much joy and love! Mercedes would want that for you! Isabella is gorgeous and that face is just too cute for words!! :)
  10. chachi

    What are your favorite things about the summer?

    I LOVE everything about summer!! Well everything except mosquitos!! ;) Top picks: -Warm sunshine on my face :cool: -Flower gardening :) -BBQ :) -Walking my puppies :eek:
  11. chachi

    ♥♥♥ Mommies-to-be - JULY ROLL CALL ♥♥♥

    Liann..Akadia is absolutely beautiful!! Her name is so unique. How did you come up with it? I hope you are feeling well! Congratulations!! :) **Sorry to barge into your check-in ladies**
  12. chachi


    They're beautiful!! Congratulations! :)
  13. chachi

    Came home, found my sweet baby kitty, dead

    Govtgirl..I'm so very sorry that you lost your sweet Murphy so suddenly! :(
  14. chachi


    I couldn't sleep either Thursday night. I was up until 2am. That episode was the best I've ever seen on tv! I watched it again last night with my DH and he felt the same.
  15. chachi

    should my puppy stay or go?

    Sorry to gang up on you Cynthia b/c I do love boxers but I have to second the vote for weiner dogs! They have the best personalities! Be sure to break them of bad habits when they're wanting to drink from a straw! lol :p All kidding aside Janie after everything you've been through...
  16. chachi

    Baby Bumps?

    Liann..I'm not a mommy-to-be but I just had to jump in because I think you look fantastic!! I can't believe you only have six weeks left!! Have you been able to keep up with working out? look great! :)
  17. chachi

    My Little Lark

    {{{HUGS}}} to you Janie!! I'm so sorry you lost your sweet Lark! Take all the time you need to grieve and please come here when your are able and share stories of your precious baby! We had to put our sweet boy Docker down about 4 years ago. It was very unexpected and we were devastated! When we...
  18. chachi

    ADORABLE!!! Tiny Horse

    Cynthia..that ferret is adorable and sure must have some yummy tasting fingers! :D
  19. chachi

    ADORABLE!!! Tiny Horse

    He's precious! I saw him on the news the other day. It would be adorable to see Einstein and Cadbury all snuggled up together in a best buddies photo! :)
  20. chachi

    3 things that made you smile...

    LOVE this thread!! Thanks Liann! :) 1. Watching DH get up and around this morning. He started P90X on Monday and he's so sore! I'm not laughing at just makes me smile to hear him moaning and groaning! :p;) 2. Watching my crazy puppy dogs Tanner and Tucker running around the house...