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  1. GMonkey

    New Lo Impact Series from Cathe!!

    ^this X100
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    Best workout/waterproof make-up?

    Don't go overboard, but absolutely use blush, make sure that it is very well blended!
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    Best workout/waterproof make-up?

    Revlon colorstay lightweight makeup is great. Experiment with it ahead of time. Sometimes I'll wear it as it, blending one area at a time, others I'll mix it with moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer. I've been using the Physician's formula spf 50 powder foundation compact over it. Mac...
  4. GMonkey

    Quick breakfast meals

    I'm not sure how healthy you are looking to be. While this isn't "clean eating" it gets me through to mid morning snack. I have a hard-boiled egg and a slim fast. The slim fast is pre-workout and the egg is post. My mid-morning snack is 1/2 a pbj and dan-active. I've also made eggs in...
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    Proactiv for teen acne

    I used it before, and I think that it worked, but it really irritated my eyes. I've heard that the Paula's Choice acne line works well, but a teen boy might be a little self-conscious about using something with a woman's name on it. I'd get the Pro-Active and see what he thinks. If he...
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    Loreal's Lash Serum

    I'm surprised that this stuff works. Paula gave it a poor review on the cosmetics cops site saying that it's mostly alcohol.
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    E Book Readers

    I have a nook, and I love it. I transfer all my school notes to pdf and download them directly into my nook. My husband has a kindle, and it's great, but I have to say I like the nook better.
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    Attention Butts and Guts DVD users

    I like the floorwork. I'd love to see more exercises I could do for my legs which don't tax my knees. It's very difficult to build leg strength when every instructor relies so much on lunges, squats, tall step climbs, etc. I'm recovering from my 2nd knee surgery in one year and would love...
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    Don't you love book threads?

    I received a Nook for xmas, so I've been reading so much lately. My recent favorites: The Help Child 44 Assassination Vacation My Stroke of Insight
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    Ladies over the age of 35 (did you have Amniocentis, why or why not)

    I plan to attempt to get pregnant with my second child when I'm 38, and I absolutely will have amniocentesis. My nephew has very severe developmental and physical disorders and unfortunately is unlikely to live beyond age 5. I can't deal with the possibility of losing a child I have loved for...
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    If your husband offers.....

    Definitely. Dads do this stuff all the time and never feel guilty about it, why is it any different for moms?
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    Moms I need some advice

    On the other hand, I had lots of friends in school who were "bad influences" but my parents were so strict with me, I knew that if I ever emulated that behavior, I'd be in gigantic trouble. It sounds like your kid is very grounded and knows right from wrong. I'd certainly stick to your...
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    how to get my hair to grow

    Try not to color and curl so often. Take care of your hair and just get it cut every 12 weeks. Vitamins are important, but make sure to eat enough protein, calcium, and healthy fat. There isn't scientific evidence that scalp massage will grow your hair faster, but it feels good, and if you...
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    Do You Think Carrie Bradshaw Would Be Caught Dead in the Sketcher's Shape-Ups?

    I have a pair and I like them a lot. You aren't supposed to run in them. They are for walking. I definitely feel like everything is more "engaged" when I wear them, and they are really comfy for my feet. You need to work your way into them, kind of like hard contact lenses. Also, they...
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    Bare Minerals - love it!!

    Bare Minerals is very drying and will show off wrinkles. It's a decent option for teen skin, but it's really messy.
  16. GMonkey

    Chronic constipation

    It's interesting. Since I've been doing my clinicals in the radiology dept, I've had a chance to speak with the head of radiology (he is basically the pioneer of fluoroscopic upper and lower GI series and has written tons of textbooks and the like) and he said that the most troubled systems...
  17. GMonkey

    Step without a step

    Even if you don't get as good of a workout without the step, it's worth those minor setbacks rather than risking injury from overuse! Just think of how little exercise you'll get recovering from knee surgery...I'm on to my 2nd surgery on the 23rd thanks to step.
  18. GMonkey

    real or fake tree?

    No trees for us, fake or real. I'm back in school and finals don't end until the 21st. I'm having my 2nd knee surgery on the 23rd. We really don't enjoy decorating. My daughter has never enjoyed it either. We do wrap the banister in ribbon and light and hang stockings from it, though. I...
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    Mini mat instead of step

    I do all of Cathe's workouts step-less. I tried using a towel to "mark" the step area, but found it too distracting and kept tripping on it. I think that it's easier to just do the workout without a step or towel. This way, I just use more space to compensate a bit for not having a step.