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  1. dbelden1

    Why no clips yet

    obviously not SNM or Cathe, but when STS was shipped I contacted customer service and upgraded from standard UPS to Overnight and Nancy just charged me the difference in the price I paid and the new shipping rate. I assume she could do the same now as the STS Cardio has not shipped :) Just an...
  2. dbelden1


    Honestly, I bought mine at Walmart and they were "moving man" discs ~ located in the hardware section! they work just find for my STS experience! Plus they are cheap and some come multiple sets in a box!
  3. dbelden1

    chrismtas music already?!?!?!

    No joke! my boss has been playing Christmas music from her iPhone since July! if I hear the Elvis version of Blue Christmas one more time I'm boycotting the Holidays! I was singing in my head "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" today while running a few errands! UGH! :eek:
  4. dbelden1

    Men in shiny blue spandex

    ok, MACHO is NOT a word I would use to describe them! all I can say is WOW! :eek:
  5. dbelden1

    Social Groups

    I also agree with this :) the other issue is that you have at least one if not two extra selections to make once you select your Social Group. If you go from your Profile page, you also have to select a "discussion". not sure what that means, as most of the social groups I have seen are...
  6. dbelden1

    Social Groups

    SNM/Josh: since it was mentioned in OD for the SOCIAL GROUP thread, but not here... why is there now a 1000 character limit on post length? to some of us who post in social groups, that is not nearly enough to do personals without having to do multiple posts. This is most aggrivating...
  7. dbelden1

    20% off following pre-order

    I believe that the discount code is located on your receipt from the shock cardio preorder... check down in the body of the receipt. it should list a discount code under the address where your shipment will be sent... if you can't find it there, email customer service and they will help you...
  8. dbelden1

    Cathe's step bench mat/cover

    I used mine tonite too!!! you are so right! it was just RIGHT! :)
  9. dbelden1

    Las Vegas trip advice please

    HI Angie: as a local I have not spent a lot of time in any of the hotel rooms recently, however, as one poster said above, both Luxor pyramid and Excalibur are probably older than a lot of places on the strip, but if price is a major concern, either one of those would be an OK choice... I...
  10. dbelden1

    So where are YOU located? :)

    I'm in Vegas, too! feeling hot hot hot! but have lived in both Eastern and Western Washington state, Alaska, Oregon and now call Vegas home, for now!
  11. dbelden1

    I'm feeling STRESSED!

    Rhondalyn ~ I'm another first timer that is getting excited for the RT!!! and I'm with you on how I was "gonna" look when I first signed up for the RT in February as I just received STS and was on a great roll! Apparently that started rolling downhill shortly thereafter and life got in the way...
  12. dbelden1

    FYI- Index of Cathe Rotations Updated through July 2007

    Hi Cathy: try the other "sticky" one from Shywolf! her links work :)
  13. dbelden1

    Hey Dani!

    Shout out to you too Dela! It was truly an honor to meet you and I truly had a great time! DH did razz me pretty good for not answering my phone though (not one of the 10 times he called! lol)! what do you expect with cheeseburgers, cheddar fries, margaritas and great company! but I'm...
  14. dbelden1

    Suggestions for the Cathe National Tour?

    ANOTHER VOTE FOR VEGAS BABY! and there are so many options here... prime venues, great restaurants, great weather most of the year, easy access from surrounding states and a great deal of airline access with awesome (air/hotel) packages to be had! even though I am a lucky one to attend the...
  15. dbelden1

    Lurkers are very interesting people...

    I totally agree :)
  16. dbelden1

    downloading Cathe's June '09 rotation

    I'm sure SNM can fix ~ no problem... just a glitch I'm sure :) glad it's not just me though! Sometimes I wonder!
  17. dbelden1

    downloading Cathe's June '09 rotation

    SNM: I just tried to download the new June Cathe rotation just posted today incorporating STS and Cathe's other DVD's, however, the STS workouts do not show up on the list/dates, just the other workouts... this is for each week. Just wondering if there is a glitch or something I am doing...
  18. dbelden1

    NEW To Cathe, dont know where to start!

    Just to be clear, as you asked about starting with STS cardio... that the STS strength series has been released, however, the STS cardio series is in the planning phase and is not available until fall/winter 2009 and is a presale only... I agree with the above posters though, if you can...
  19. dbelden1

    Power Tower/Squat Rack combo

    sorry Julie... unfortunately the Power Tower was preorder only and only until 5/8/09... might check with Customer Service to see if there is any waiting list or if anyone has canceled... good luck :)
  20. dbelden1

    Quick Question - No barbell!

    I agree that you don't need a BB... I have two (one straight and one bicep curl), and have not used either much for STS Meso 1 or 2, except for a few times with the bicep curl bar just for giggles... I find DB's much more comfortable on my elbow and wrist joints... do what works for you and...