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    Fruits and Nutrition

    Fruits are also good source of vitamins and minerals. It can also a thirst quencher and a good alternative for those people who can't spend much time preparing something for their breakfast.
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    How much water is too much water?

    Yes mackenzie, it's more important that she drinks that much since she is bearing a child. It's more important to drink that much especially in her case because the fetus needs more water to get more oxygen inside the womb.
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    Help! Son getting married, need to look great

    And to add to this, you also have to watch your diet. The workout will never be left for just a simple workout. It should go hand in hand with your eating lifestyle. Try to limit your usual carbs eating. Lessen (if possible - avoid) eating food with too much oil. Always balance your workout with...
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    100+ pounds gone forever!

    You are truly an inspiration to all of us. I was so touched by your sincere dedication and determination to reach this goal. I just love how you love yourself and I hope I could also do the same. Now I'm on my biggest - 200lbs. and still counting. I'm just 5"1 and I already get difficulty...
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    Cast for Xtrain

    I am too anxious to see who will be in the new series!!!
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    Which section of CF is the most challenging for you?

    It was going to be one of the tabatas.
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    Pre-Order Cathe’s New XTRAIN Workout Series

    No haven't any problem yet. Its pretty good.
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    Another workout blender problem

    I am a problem to downloaded the video. :(
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    Workout Blender Information

    I am very eager to learn about the topics. It is quiet identical and effective may be. Need special attention.
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    Announcing Cathe Downloads

    I have downloaded it and it is awesome!!
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    Add more category filter options to workout manager!!!!!

    filtering well brother actually I did not get your point what are you trying to say can you just clearify your point. let me guess are you talking bout some kinds of web developing
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    Thanks Cathie! I am currently heeding to your suggestions on brisk walking and biking, so far my breathing has improved and my body is more energetic now.
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    Muscles Not Firm

    I think its not so necessary to have a rock hard muscles, being healthy is the keyword. muscled will be developed in the absence of fat. I think the soft region on your arm are fats. I'm not sure but that's actually how I understand it.
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    Using a weight vest with legs?

    not really a good idea because it can also cause skin problems, like rashes and all. plus its not very comfortable to use.
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    I am like a noctural animal so i need coffee every night i can't go a single day without a cup of coffee.:):)
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    0 Days To Go

    Today is the last day of my course so i am very happy. Now i am felling better because you know.....:cool::cool::cool:
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    Do it as soon as possible i am glad to you keep it up.:):):) Best regards, jam505reyy | high risk merchant account
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    low fat eating

    Low-fat diets and weight loss or weight maintenance The list of foods above is just a guide as to the best sorts of foods to eat that in general contain less fat and calories 'weight for weight' or 'portion for portion'. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories per day...
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    One year with Cathe

    Again congratulation too good keep it up and hopefully make a good another success wish you all the best...
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    I really enjoy the all cardio mix on Low Impact Circuit. Patrice. thanks:):):)