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  1. MRSchultz

    No DVD's yet.....

    I still haven't received my pre-ordered Ripped w/Hiit DVD's. I'm so bummed......I tried to track it with UPS, but it cannot find my information???? I tried to email your help desk under "contact info", but it wouldn't give me an email. I know you get a ton of orders, so I'm not worried I won't...
  2. MRSchultz

    No workouts yet - bummed...

    I pre-ordered the new Ripped with Hiit Series, but haven't gotten them yet. I'm so jealous of all of you that have started your rotations, etc. I can' wait. Any idea which rotation would be best for weightloss? Thanks Marcia
  3. MRSchultz

    Rotation Calendar for RWH

    I'm soooo close to Pre-Ordering RWH, but just checking - will it come with a rotation calendar so I know which ones to do when? Thank you Marcia.
  4. MRSchultz

    Length of each new RWH workout DVD's

    I'm super excited for the new series, but I'm trying to find out the normal length of each one of them. Is that listed somewhere? I realize there are a ton of premixes, but I'm just curious about normal length of each workout. Thanks Marcia.
  5. MRSchultz

    UP Jawbone vs. Fitbit

    I'm torn between which device to buy and use. I think they both offer great features and similiar ones, but I just don't know?? Any advice? Thanks Marcia.
  6. MRSchultz

    iPod Touch help

    I tried that before and it still didn't work, BUT for whatever reason I just turned it on and now it works??? Weird! Thanks, though. ;) Marcia
  7. MRSchultz

    iPod Touch help

    I'm hoping someone out there can help me. :confused: I have an iPod Touch. This morning I'm on the TM and listening to music, when I was done I shut it off and unplugged my earphones. Now, I'm trying to just listen to the music through the speakers and I can't hear it? When I plug in the...
  8. MRSchultz

    Who's up for a little chat?

    Cathe - sorry to ask again, but how about the High Reps music? I bought that one, too. :o Marcia.
  9. MRSchultz

    Who's up for a little chat?

    Oh, I soooo need the answer to that, too. I know I'm at burn out right now, so I'm trying to eat a little more and ease a bit on the workouts. BUT - - - - what I really need to know right away :confused: I downloaded your Intensity music from iTunes and LOVE IT. But, what BPM are the songs...
  10. MRSchultz

    Supreme 90 day workout dvds

    Great, thanks for your quick response. I purchased these over the weekend at Dick's Sporting Goods for $19.99, but haven't had time to do them or even look at them. I'm glad they are shorter, I was thinking they might be and that will work so much better for me. Marcia.
  11. MRSchultz

    Supreme 90 day workout dvds

    Length of workouts? On average how long are the workouts? Thanks, Marcia.
  12. MRSchultz

    Washing hair twice a day, is it OK?

    Thanks to you all. I do have some dry shampoo, but my hair is usually too wet for even that most times. I'll try just rinsing it and using a little conditioner.
  13. MRSchultz

    Washing hair twice a day, is it OK?

    Hi everyone - I workout in the AM before going to work and then teach two classes after work, so I'm showering twice a day. Now, I certainly don't mind that, I'm wondering if shampooing my hair twice a day is good for it? I've read conflicting reports, any advice? Sometimes I try to just use a...
  14. MRSchultz

    BootCamp and Kickboxing music ideas?

    Does anyone have a favorite song(s) that you listen to when you do BootCamp or Kickboxing style workouts? I need some new good heart pumping music to get me through workouts like these. :D Thanks a bunch! Marcia.
  15. MRSchultz

    Is Insanity overkill ??

    I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE the Insanity Program!! I got great results. BUT, totally agree that it is not for everyone. It is a very tough program and extremely intense. I didn't have much trouble doing the rotation, as is, the first time, but now that I'm thinking about doing it again (and know what...
  16. MRSchultz

    PIF (pay it forward) assignment for Week of 10/25/2010

    Great idea, Gayle! I've actually been sending people at work a "healthy" treat with a post it on it saying something positive or giving them a compliment of some sort. It's really fun because they have no idea who is sending it. ;) Marcia.
  17. MRSchultz

    Any Roadtrip pics not on Facebook?

    Does anyone have their roadtrip pics NOT on Facebook? I love to look at them, but am not on Facebook and that seems to be where a lot of them are linked to. Thanks Marcia.
  18. MRSchultz

    iPod to iPod Touch?

    I am totally new at downloads and have never done it before. I was going to download Cathe's Travel Workout to my iPod for our vacation coming up. But, I am soon going to be getting an iPod Touch, so wondering if i can transfer the workout from my iPod to the Touch (when I get it) or will I have...
  19. MRSchultz

    Turbo Fire Clip

    Angie - I know exactly how you feel. If I'm not totally drained I don't feel like I did much, BUT most of these I'm sweating like crazy and having fun, too. TF has been great for my abs! I do sometimes add more to my day if I have time. It's nice, I've found, to have some days where the workouts...
  20. MRSchultz

    Turbo Fire Clip

    I have had no trouble with the cueing at all. I think it's good. I watched a little bit of the clip on UTube and noticed, too, there wasn't much cueing, but I believe in the videos it is good.